Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken

Oh, you guys....I cried hard with this book.
Not just soft whimpering sobs either...we're talking belly shaking sobs.

The author tries to prepare us too -
Letting us know it's going to be an emotion journey.
But nothing can truly prepare you.

All I know is that from the get go; I went from laughing to smirking to crying, back to laughing, back to crying...then throw in some heated chemistry and past time drama, and you're invested.
This book won't allow you to look away.

If I could, I would rate this higher than 5 stars.
This book is legit.
Highly recommend!

So what's Ruin about?

18 year old Kiersten is a work in progress.
She's had a trying 2 years since her parents passing.
She's basically lost until she meets Weston.

Weston is known for being a player.
And knows how hard it is to lose a loved one, just as Kiersten has.

They meet during college orientation when Kiersten runs into Weston.

After a brief humiliation scene *that he never lets her live down* Weston takes her under his wing.

Weston is one to make every single day count and his new mission in life is to bring Kiersten out of her shell.

From the day they've met, they spend every day together.
Thing is; They're just friends.

They both clearly want more, but...
Kiersten is inexperienced and isn't sure how to "play the field", so she's waiting for Wes.
Now even though Wes treats her like his girl, he refuses to allow himself to get involved.

Wes is sick.
Really sick.
Like dying sick.
And he doesn't want her to know.

She makes him feel alive.
The most alive he's ever felt and during his final months, he wants to continue to feel the way she makes him feel, but Kiersten, doesn't back off that easily.

She wants her man(!) and makes her feelings known, so he gives her 2 weeks.
2 weeks of full on committed romance, but after the 2 weeks, he says they have to back off.

Yea, Right...
Like I believed that would happen!

Just as we expect, during those 2 weeks, chemistry is flying and making us more involved in their story.

They are soul mates.
What is empty in him, she completes, and
What is empty in her, he completes.

Oooh...this book.
This book.
I cherished it.
Relished it.

I love these rollercoastery type of books and in a sense, it sort of had that Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster feel to it.  Just the feel.  The *connection* between the characters.  And you all know how much I heart these two books!! *Sigh*

Loved.This.Book so much!
It makes my heart swell.

5 full hearted stars!

BIG "Thank You" to the ingenious Rachel Van Dyken herself!
You plastered the cheesiest smile on my face - just by acknowledging my review.
Heart you and your book!
Looking forward to reading more!!

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