Friday, September 27, 2013

Control Series by M.S. Willis (Control, Conflict, Conquer)

Control wasn't necessarily the story line I was expecting.
Lots of struggles, heartache, loss, lust, re-connections and hiding.

Sounds intriguing, right?
It was.
Most of the time.
BUT...(you knew that was coming!)
This was a slower read for me,
I was sucked in at the same time.

While I was reading, I enjoyed myself, but if I had to put it down, I never experienced that freak out moment of "Where is my book!?!" - and I really do love those moments!

I never felt like things were progressing as fast as they should in some areas, but once I got to the end of "Conflict"  I had to purchase "Conquer" so there is substance here.

"Conquer", was by far my favorite book of the 3!
It really had the perfect pace, the characters were all fully developed and things really started happening!!

I really liked that with each book, I felt like I was getting more and more of where I wanted to be.

Oh!!!!  And David (who's a secondary character) - OMGosh...this guy was a HOOT!
Everyone NEEDS a friend like him in their life and he just kept getting better and better and if you can believe it funnier with each book!  I loved him and wish he was real and in my life!!

As far as the main characters -
Paige is a head strong, independent, babe, who doesn't understand the concept of "No", and
Dameon is a controlled, mysterious, playboy, with a chiseled body and beautiful face.  He's a lethal combination, really.

Dameon and Paige have both had struggles during their childhood.
Not a "normal" one, as most would classify.
Both struggled in different areas for very different, yet the same reasons...

As adults, their pasts have molded who they are today and they're drawn to each other.
However, Paige is almost repulsed by Dameon and his history of being a player.
He plagues her thoughts though, and when they keep spotting each other, you know something will come of this...of them...but what??

Paige and Dameon are both all about control, so will one of them be able to give in, and with their pasts, can they ever truly be together?

That's the money question!

4 Stars

4 Stars

4.5 Stars

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