Friday, August 16, 2013

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

You all know my feelings on Beautiful Disaster, I heart this book!!

If you haven't had a chance to read it yet.  Do it.  Now.

Walking Disaster (WD) is the males POV of Beautiful Disaster (BD), which I soooo loved! As soon as I finished BD, I immediately picked up WD.

(Don't you just love the cover! Drool...)

In WD, you don't have the initial *shock factor* that we all had in BD, BUT I might even go as far to say (knowing what I know now) that I loved this book even more coming from his POV.

Mostly because in BD, I constantly felt myself saying "What is Travis thinking?"  "What is going on?!"  "Why aren't they communicating?!?!!"....."Gaa...!!!"....

I LOVED every.single.minute of it!

Walking Disaster, the males POV was written perfectly.

Sure, you don't get as many of play by play details of every day life, that we got coming from Abby's POV, but really this was so point on!  I mean, really...what man does a play by play of day to day actions, unless it's sex related, and believe me - Travis gives us more of that too!

In Beautiful Disaster, the sex scenes were more on the lighter side of what I'm used too, but it was done in a sweet, tasteful way.  This is an older audience (IMO) YA novel, and you also have to keep in mind that Abby isn't as experienced as some, so once again - perfectly done.

Another thing I felt myself gasping at - As you read WD - You get WAY more insight to certain somethings and situations that you didn't even really realize you were missing out on in BD, but don't you worry, Travis is here to clear all that up for you! And he soooo does, and you'll find yourself liking/loving him more and more, even though you'll still find yourself saying "Awe" and "OMG" and "What is she doing?!" and "Why aren't they communicating?!?!!" and "Gaaaa!!!"

Or maybe that's just me.

I doubt that!

Loved this book.  So. Much.

The ending really got me too. *Sigh*

5 stars!!! 

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