Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl" Movie Update

Okay...Couple things to start off the morning here!

1.  You guys know my love for Gillian Flynn!  Her name is pronounced with a hard "G".  So it's Gill, not Jill.

2. Gillian, is the author of "Gone Girl", which is a New York Times Bestseller and has been on the Washington Post Bestseller List for 52 weeks now!  Huge accomplishment!!

3.  Another HUGE accomplishment, which I can.not believe I haven't blogged about yet! What is wrong with me?!?!!  Gone Girl, is being turned into a movie!  Yes; a movie!!  AND Gillian is handling the screenplay herself!

As for production - "Pacific Standard's Reece Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea will produce alongside Leslie Dixon" 

They have started casting too!

Ben Affleck, will star in the role for Nick.

Rosamund Pike, will star as Amy.
Most of us will recognize her as a James Bond Girl
As of today, per the Huffington Post, it looks like the have cast Nick's college aged mistress, Andie, as well...

You know that chic (one of them!) that prances around half naked in the "Blurred Lines" Video.  Yea...her. Well, she actually has a name. *Wink*
Emily Ratajkowski, which she explains to Rolling Stone, that the "J is silent" in Ratajkowski.

So excited!!!

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