Friday, September 6, 2013

Afterburn by Sylvia Day if you're a follower on Facebook, you all know just how much I have been DYING to read this book...and let me just say -  It.was.awesome!

I love a book with plenty of back story, especially if its one of past lovers being reunited.

This one did not fact it gave us more!

This gives us that heady cocktail, plus loads us up with an extra shot of mixing business with pleasure.
That's right...she went and did it!

I could totally read this book again.  For reals...

The one (and only) downfall in the entire book (for me) was that it was just far too short.

10 chapters...
I wanted more, and I can't wait for Aftershock to be released!

67 days to be exact, but who's counting?!??

So what's Afterburn about?

Gia and Jax are two lovers who have a passionate, love fested, fling together, but after 5 weeks they become estranged.

Gianna Rossi was head over heels in love with Jackson Rutledge.

Jax broke her heart.
Shredded it.

It took some adjusting, but over time, Gianna decided to keep herself away from men and has invested all her time and energy into her work.

Then one day *poof* Jax is back on the scene and back in the life of Gianna, who's now a successful protégé for a fierce-some restaurateur.

Jackson Rutledge is from a family seeped with money and politicians, so he knows how to work the field.
In and out of the office.

That's how Gia and Jax become re-acquainted.

Gia's company is about to land their next biggest account and Jax is brought into the mix to make sure that doesn't happen.

After an awkward meeting of them not saying anything to each other, and Gia even thinking that Jax doesn't remember her - Jax reaches out.

Comes to the office to see Gia's boss, but we all know why he's really there...Her!

He can't seem to stay away once they've reacquainted and the thing is...even though Jax has hurt Gia, she doesn't want him too.

So they start anew and of course...old dogs can't learn new tricks, so he deceives her. Again.

Then she realizes a big secret that Jax has kept from her all this time (and it's a good one - no whips and chains here), but Jax is hiding something else and none of us knows what it is...Tisk, Tisk!

I, for one, can't wait to continue this journey with them!

Gia and Jax, sittin' in a tree...K.I.S.S.I.N.G!

5 stars!

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