Monday, September 9, 2013

Mid Life Love by Whitney G.

My gosh, if "Mid Life Love" is this way for everyone, then I'll cheers to that - Ha!
This book was smoldering.

What I really enjoyed about this book is simple.
It lets us see that even though life can crush us to the core, it is never beyond repair.
You will pick yourself up and love again.
And it will be make the windows fog, it's so hot!

Oooh...and just a fun insight -
Jonathan Statham (at times), reminded me of Gideon Cross, and we all love Gideon!
I'm even thinking that Jonathan could possibly give him a run for the money.  (Literally!)

So what's Mid Life Love about?

Claire...poor Claire...

She's a woman who's heart has been stomped on by the two people she should trust the most in the world. Her husband and her best friend.
They've been having a secret affair and Clarie finds out in the most horrid way.

Naturally she leaves that slimy bastard and is off to find greener pastures, but the thing is, she really loved her husband (and her best friend) and she's truly having a hard time going anywhere or doing anything without thinking of them.

So she reinvents herself.
Does the normal womanly thing and changes her hair, style, etc, but nothing is working.

That's when she decides to move.
Clear across to the other side of the country so nothing can trigger the painful reminders of them.

Her and her daughters settle in nicely.

They're all making friends, but Claire still isn't dating.

In fact, it's been 4 years, but her friends make her go to those dating mixers (which she hates) but on one New Years Eve, she gives in and goes.

Jonathan is on a late business meeting at the same restaurant that hosts the "New Year's Middle - Aged Singles Mixer" (Tangent - Why is 39 considered "Middle aged"?  I think not!) and spots Claire out on the deck.

Claire is struggling to hold it together, because she is reminiscing about past times.
Soon after, Jonathan spots her, he thinks she's the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen, but she up and leaves all before he can make it over for an introduction.

Of course, the man has money and power, so he finds her, and by chance they run into each other.

In a bold move, he asks her out.

Claire, is stunned and you can imagine exactly what her expression looks like -
"Ugg...Exsqueeze me? Moi?!"
She sees how young he is and is hesitant -
Even though she's attracted to him.
She feels like she's robbing the cradle.
She's 39 and he's 28, so that's hardly the case.

Jonathan leaves his number, but Claire still refuses to call.

You know where this is going next right?

Um, yea...

We all know Jonathan wouldn't give up easily!!
A week goes by and Claire has finally convinced herself to go ahead and call, but before she can, he finds her, and wouldn't ya know it...she's practically been under his nose the whole time! *Squee*

Definitely worth the read!

The ending had me feeling a little jumpy too.
Big turn of events!

There were a couple times I kept thinking Jonathon seriously did not just do that. He didn't!...but ooooh...he DID! Hee-hee

4.25 Stars for me!

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