Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book/Song Choice Combo (9.19.13)

This Week's Book/Song Choice:

Book -

Ruin, by Rachel Van Dyken <---Click here for my review.


A Thousand Years, Christina Perri <---YouTube.

Now, don't you DARE listen to this song right after you read Ruin. Don't you dare!
Okay...Do it (!!), but I'm warning you - You'll bawl even more than you've already bawled, leaving you a balled up mess! *Waaaa*

Now it's your turn - What's your favorite book/song combo?

***You guys...this chic (Rachel Van Dyken) is just freak'n cool!
It seriously warms my heart to have her comment on anything I say/do.
Thank you again!***

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