Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hair Bow Hairstyle for Toddlers (And Adults!) Tips & Tricks

I adore these hair bow hair styles!

This one was brought to my attention by a fellow Crafty Momma and good friend of mine.  She was just randomly showing me her daughters hair a few weeks back and I L.O.V.E.D - Loved it! 

We've all seen these styles creeping all over PIN by now, but what I loved about this tutorial in particular was that it's geared towards toddlers and did not use bobby pins.  Not a single one.


After seeing her daughters pictures, my newest mission in life was try this on my dotting daughter.

You see...She USED to let me play and brush her hair all the time, (when she didn't have hair!), and now that she has a head full of it, she runs for the hills anytime she catches sight of me with the brush. *Sigh*

That being said alone, should tell you just how easy this is!!  Wee...

So here is the tutorial we used, along with some additional tips and tricks provided by me.

I (mostly) used this tutorial here and for the most part I was really happy with it.

What didn't work for us:
Using 3 rubber bands.
Again, my daughter does not like to sit still and have her hair messed with, so I felt fortunate to get the second one in!

What we did?
Just split the looped ponytail hair (as she shows) then wrapped the hair over the middle (for the bow affect) and then tied the second rubber band around as you normally would for a ponytail.

For the extra hair that we had left, I just tucked it into the second band.  Super easy!!

That being said (I also didn't leave out near the amount of hair she did for the middle bow piece.
That's also why our "bow" is bigger and fuller.

What I will try in the future?
Remember those old school Ponytail Holders?
You know, the ones with the balls on the ends, where you wrap them and them loop one of the balls over the other to secure it.
I would use those for the 2nd step!
When your bow is as full as I made mine, it took some finesse to get the 2nd rubber band around it.
Wasn't a deal breaker, but I do like to keep things simple and this seems like a great remedy!
*Cheers* Use Me!  Use Me!

Last comment I wanted to give - 
We started out with dry hair.
This works for some and not for others.
Just stick to what you normally do during your hair routine and you'll be just fine!

Here, my friends, is what I like to call our "Masterpiece"!

She's just as cute and sassy as ever...and her poses as of late - ADORBS!
Bike - Check.
Baby - Check.
Shades - Check.
Purse - Check.

This buttercup of mine is all G.I.R.L
And she's mine.
All mine.

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