Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween - 2013


"Aaarggghhh, Matey's!"


50 Shades of Grey News - Casting for Anastasia Steele's Mom & Production Delays

Will there be production delays for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?

Well, it's no surprise to anyone that production could fall behind schedule.  Especially with Charlie Hunnam dropping out of the role of Christian Grey, and them having to find another suitable Fifty ASAP!

Luckily, re-casting for Fifty wasn't too dreadful, and I've gotta say...I'm lovin' Jamie Dornan in this role.  He's a great fit!

For all you doubter's; Have you seen this?!?

Other casting news -
Jennifer Ehle has been rumored around as a name for Anastasia Steele's Mom.  I think Jennifer would be a great fit and she is absolutely stunning! I think her and Dakota will be a great match together.  They actually look like they could be mother/daughter.

Still need more 50 news?

Well, how about this??
An unofficial fan made trailer!
You guys know I love these things, so I couldn't resist!! Tee-hee

That's all the Fifty Shades news I have for the time being, but if you hear an update you'd like to share, I'm all ears!

Book/Song Choice Combo (10.31.13)

It's Halloween...and while I don't read a ton of paranormal books, I think Hyde is our closest Halloween Type book for this weeks Book/Song Choice Combo!

Now, let me full warn you...
The book/song I have chosen today, does not explain the book.

It is a vision of what I have between Chastity and Hyde/Mitch.

For those of you that have read "Hyde" (highly recommend!!), you'll know Chastity has the hormone level of a 15 year old boy and Hyde is the same.  In his own way.

Now let's have some fun, and listen to some jams!


Hyde, by Lauren Stewart


Bruno Mars, Gorilla

I love the Unorthodox Jukebox Album!
There's not a song on there that I don't love...

Happy Halloween, Bookie's!

Experiment in Terror Series by Karina Halle Reading Order

I have toyed back and forth with posting this, because I am a BIG.FAT.SCAREDY.CAT!

No seriously....

My Mom used to tell me all the time that I should write my own books, because the dreams I have had would scare the daylights out of Steven King.

Now, don't get me wrong...
I love reading and watching horror books/movie's, it's the aftermath that gets me.
Ya know, when you have to use the restroom in the middle of the night and the same fixtures you see day in and day out don't seem quite the same as they normally would be.  Booooooo!! *;) winking 

BUT now...I keep on hearing about Dex (!), and you guys are making me want to change my ways. Chanting that the "Experiment in Terror" books are ones I "need" to read with it being Halloween.

It doesn't help that you say they're schmexy (sold!), so even if they do have the scare in them, that kinda intridges me, in a warped sorta way...!

So, I did it.  Eep!
I went and grabbed Book 1, Dark House, the other day, and guess what?!?
You guys are in for a treat!
All of Karina Halle's "Experiment in Terror" Books are currently listed at $.99!

So for those of you who don't mind a little bump in the night, grab 'em up.
I hear this is a series not to be missed!

Dark House, Experiment in Terror #1 <---Currently FREE!

Red Fox, Experiment in Terror #2

The Benson, Experiment in Terror #2.5

Dead Sky Morning, Experiment in Terror #3

Lying Season, Experiment in Terror #4

On Demon Wings, Experiment in Terror #5

Old Blood, Experiment in Terror #5.5

The Dex-Files, Experiment in Terror #5.7

Into the Hollow, Experiment in Terror #6

And With Madness Comes the Light, Experiment in Terror #6.5

Come Alive, Experiment in Terror #7

Torn Series by Pamela Ann Reading Order

I love Pamela Ann's writing!

Her books are so up my alley, so you can imagine how big of a cartwheel I did when I was saw some of the Torn Series being marked down to $.99 or FREE!

Scornfully Yours, (Torn Series #1) <---Currently $.99

Scornfully Hers, (Torn Series #1.5) - This is a Novella in his POV <---Currently $.99

Frayed, (Torn Series #2) <---Currently FREE!

Blasphemous, (Torn Series #3)

Undeniably Yours, (Torn Series #3.5)

Scorned, (Torn Series #4)

Fixated on You, (Torn Series #5)

Unveiled, (Torn Series #6) - Release TBA
Crushed, (Torn Series #7) - Release TBA

Mid Life Love by Whitney G - Deleted Scene (10.28.13)

Whit tells us she's going to start sharing deleted or extended scenes of Mid Life Love, and THEN once we get to the end of them, she's going to touch base on that BIG question we all have at the end of "At Last"!

I can't hardly wait, and as hard as it is, I think she can twist my arm with these fillers to get us by...
For now.

This weeks deleted scene is a good one.
One I wouldn't have minded seeing in the book, but I'm not the creative master mind.

It's a short convo between Claire and her Mom, but guess who shows up?!?
*Ding, Ding, Ding*
You guessed it...

Check it out!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Devils Series by Karina Halle Reading Order and SALE!

The Devil's Metal is currently on sale for $.99, and The Devil's Reprise was just released!

This is supposed to be a scary/sexy book, so for those of you who don't mind a little bump in the night, this may be your next read!

"Devils Reprise" was just released and is already categorized as a "bestseller" on Amazon!

The Devil's Metal <---Currently on Sale for $.99!

The Devil's Reprise <---Just Released!