Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Knock Love Out by Pella Grace

More affairs.
More age gaps.
More fluffy, feel good, makes you want to love hard kinda book.

I felt such a connection with this book!
With the characters.
There's no way you can't feel for them on some level.

Lilla is struggling through a very common situation.
Wife loves husband.
Husband works too much.
Wife is feeling lonely.

Then there's Cash...
Cash is just the most unique free spirited, well rounded guy, I think I have ever read about.

I loved his honesty, his love, their love.

This one is a must read!

So what's Knock Love Out about?

Lilla is a mature woman, in her late 30's and is desperate to find happiness.
She hates/loathes/wants to kill her husband.
Maybe not physically, but she has thought about it.
She's miserable and unfortunately her husband doesn't notice her.
At all.
They're just two ships sailing in different directions.

After great thought - Lilla is on a mission...
To have an affair.

She wants to love.
To be loved.

So she goes out...
Runs to the grocery store with her "whore" perfume & looks that could kill in tow.

That's where she meets Warren "Cash" Valentine.
(I chuckled once I figured out how Warren dubbed himself as "Cash".  There's a cute little joke behind it!)

He works in a grocery store as cashier.
He's an artist.
He's a free spirit.
He is also 15 years her minor.

Cash scopes her out in the store.
He immediately notices her.
Watches her.

Then after a highly educational lesson on how to chose a cucumber, Cash is awed by Lilla and on a whim decides he's going to "kidnap" her.

She goes willingly and has the best time she's had in years.
They're gone for 2 days.
2 days!

I loved this part of the story, but it was only just the beginning for them.

You know love is in the works, but your just not quite sure how things are going to play out.

After all...he's so young, and she's married!

I felt this book.
It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I loved the stories they shared.
How he's able to dig her out of her shell.
How he holds her when she needs held.
How he listens...

I laughed.  Especially when it came to Mariah Carey and a cute MJ moment.  I will never look at Mariah in the same way again. That is all I will say!

I enjoyed the young, light humor between Cash and Lilla. Even if they weren't always following each other 100%, they made it up as they went along because of the love they share.

The nicknames they came up for each other.  {Heart} So cute!
It kinda of reminded me of young high school love, but that's just how they are.
Cute.  In love.

Cash was really something else.
When he spoke to Lilla, *I* felt loved.

I couldn't get enough of the little love chant he would recite with her and my heart just kept growing bigger and bigger for him the harder he loved her.

Pella Grace NAILED the connection of these characters and I truly enjoyed all of them.
Even Georgia, who was weird at times to say the least!

This one is a must read!
4.5 Stars for me!

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