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Missing by Jessica Wilde - Release Day Blitz


TITLE: MISSING (The Brannock Siblings #3)
RELEASE DATE: September 21, 2014
AUTHOR: Jessica Wilde

There are two things in this life that Gus Brannock truly loves; his family and his job.
His family is growing and he wants what his brother and sister have before the job he's
worked so hard for takes its toll. The woman he's got his eye on, however, isn't interested
in being with a man who risks his life every day. When the unexpected friendship with
the sassy red head he used to hate turns into something Gus just doesn't want to live
without, he will do whatever it takes to have her. The hazards of his job as a detective
for missing children may end up proving to be too much, but there's a reason Aiden was
brought into his life and nothing will stand in his way to keep her there.
Aiden Murphy used to hate the handsome jerk next door until a surprising discovery spun
her world in another direction. Her life of devotion to her sister and niece has been her
biggest strength with the exception of her art. That is, until Gus turns out to be the one
thing that has been missing from that life all along. Aiden must decide if the unknown is
worth the risk of loving the dedicated detective or if being pulled into his world is more
than she can handle. When Gus becomes the only way for her to keep the people she
loves most safe, will she understand why he treasures her untried strength or will she let
her fear of the unknown decide for her?
For readers 18+ due to strong language and sexual situations.

I checked my phone once more and saw that there was a text that had come in while I
was lost in my thoughts.

I have never been nervous for a date before, but this one was important. It was the first
time I had been completely honest with a woman about my past and the first time the
woman knew that this wasn't just about getting into bed together.
She may not know specific details, but she knew enough about me. She knew details
about my past that no one else did and it had taken a huge weight off of my shoulders.
She liked me for me, no matter what - or who - I had done before her. It was refreshing
and very necessary for me now that I had watched Ash and Con's lives change so much
because they had found the one. I wanted that for me and I was going to get it no matter
the cost.
 I waited for another few minutes when I saw a flash of red outside the window next to
Aiden was scurrying down the sidewalk in the dark green dress I saw her carrying the
day before. And just like I had thought it would the day before, it looked really good on
her. It stopped just above her knees, showing off the creamy skin of her toned legs, and
the shoes she was wearing... those heels made her legs look miles long. Her curled hair
draped down her back, the perfect shade of red to go with the dress. I still hadn't seen her
face, but there was no mistaking that hair.
I was right. She didn't need much time to look good.
My perusal of her was cut off when she turned into the door to the restaurant and strode
up to the hostess.
"Lucky day," I said to myself, curious to see who her date was and if he was the smart
sophisticated doctor-like gentleman I could picture her with.
The hostess started to lead her through the same maze of tables I had walked through and
as they got closer, I wondered at the coincidence that her date was in the same restaurant
and, from the looks of it, possibly at the table next to mine. I tore my eyes away from
Aiden who was concentrating on not running into anything and my heart stuttered to a
halt, my hands starting to sweat when the hostess met my gaze then smiled as she came to
a stop next to me.
At my table.
"Here we are, Miss."
The look on Aiden's face when she finally saw me had to be the exact visual replica of
the way I was feeling sitting there like an idiot, staring at what I had come to realize was
my MysteryGirl.
"What the fuck?" The hostess flinched at my outburst, but I didn't give a shit. This had to
be some kind of joke.
"You're Dreamy?" Aiden gasped.
"You're MysteryGirl?"
The now frowning hostess hurried away as Aiden's face began to turn bright red, almost
as red as her hair and I felt like a complete dick. I should have seen the signs. Artist, hot
date, funny as hell. Of course Mystery Girl is Aiden.
She's fucking perfect for me. In. Every. Way.
Realizing that made me wish I would have seen it sooner before I was a complete asshole
to her all those times. Whatever she was about to do, I deserved one hundred and fifty
Before I could say anything, even process anything beyond the fact that she was the
woman I had been communicating with this whole time, she turned on her sexy as hell
heels and took off through the obstacle course of linen covered tables, knocking over a
centerpiece or two, and all but running out the front door.
My jaw was still flat on the table, but now I was drooling. Curves I had never noticed
before were moving quickly away from me.
Yes, I deserved it.
No, I wasn't going to accept it.
It only took me another two seconds to make my decision.
I had waited too long for her. Too long trying to convince her to meet me in person. Too
long lying awake at night wondering what she looked like. Too long imagining her body
wrapped around mine while we talked for hours on end.
MysteryGirl was mine. MysteryGirl was Aiden. Therefore, Aiden... yeah, she was going
to be mine, too.
I was watching her hurry down the sidewalk while I attempted to scoot out of the booth
without taking my eyes off of her.
"Excuse me, sir. Will your date be returning?"
I quickly glanced at the now more hopeful hostess and grinned, "No. We are both
leaving. Thank you for the table and I apologize that we won't be using it."
I didn't wait another second. I flew by her and my eyes found Aiden once more as I
reached the glass front door. She was folding that body into a cab and my heart thumped
wildly against my chest.
"You can run, Red. But you can't hide."


Leverage (The Brannock Siblings #1)
Adventure. That's all Aislinn 'Ash' Brannock wanted in her life. Her dad and two
brothers - all cops - got to see it all, but their over-protectiveness made her feel like
she had been locked away in a tower with three fire breathing dragons watching
her every move. Yes, it was that bad. The only silver lining? Lucas Shade. Her
brothers' best friend growing up, and apparently the only man she will ever love
because let's face it, none of the others even come close. After an unfortunate
mistake lands her back in her father's home, her world is turned upside down and
Lucas is there in a tightly wrapped package of serious with a big red bow on top.
Life just got interesting, but it comes with a price, one she never wanted to pay.
Detective Lucas Shade never had a real family, but the Brannocks took him in as one of
their own and he never took it for granted. Ash was a big reason for why he stuck around,
but in order to save himself the beating of a lifetime from her two older brothers, he kept
his feelings for her hidden. When the case he has been working on for months takes a
turn, Ash could become the leverage the bad guys have been waiting for, but keeping her
invisible may destroy everything Lucas has worked so hard for. Good thing Ash is the
only person he would give up everything to protect.
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Amazon :
Conned (The Brannock Siblings #2)
Conall Brannock takes his job seriously. He doesn't get attached, he doesn't ask
questions, and he protects his family at all costs. Nothing will change that. Not
even the sweet, green eyed witness that just burst into his life and shifted his world.
He has one job to do; protect Emily until she can testify. He can't let his interest in
her get in the way, but the more he finds out about her, the more he can't help but
wonder how the beautiful broken girl got into this mess in the first place. And the
longer he takes to learn the truth, the deeper he falls for her.
Emily Dawson has a job to do. Stay off the grid, testify, and hopefully get her
brother back. He's all she has left of the family she struggled so hard to hold
together and she would do anything to keep him safe. Even if it means she has
put herself in harm's way or that she has conned everyone into believing she saw
something she didn't. She knows where her loyalties lie, but her stoic yet gentle
protector and his crazy family makes her question everything she once knew.
And honesty can destroy everything she has come to love.
Loyalty can be one sided.
Family isn't always blood.
Conned on Goodreads:
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I live in Morgan Utah with my husband, daughter, and dog, Kolo. I write as often as my
active daughter will let me and my husband has the patience of a saint. I find inspiration
from dreams, people I meet, and life experiences. When I write, I usually end up drinking
one too many cans of Peace Tea, eating three too many Fruit by the Foot fruit snacks,
and accidently kicking my pup and best buddy, Kolo, too many times since he loves to
sleep under my desk at my feet. I started writing as a teen, but my fear of the unknown
won out every time and I threw everything out. After becoming a mother and deciding to
stay at home to raise my beautiful little girl, I tried again when I couldn't stop thinking of
ideas. I loved every minute, every hour of sleep lost, and every character that came to life
in my mind. It's strange, but my favorite moments are when I have writer's block because
I can turn to my husband and find inspiration through him by just doing what we do best
together. Talking, laughing, and just being in love. He doesn't like to read, but he never
stops encouraging me to keep going. Writing has become an important part of my life
and every book has a special place in my heart.





Chasing Perfection by M.S. Parker - Blog Tour & Giveaway


"If DeVon Ricci thinks I'm going to apologize for what happened, he's sorely mistaken. I don't care how hot the sex was, or even if he sometimes seems like he's going to be a decent guy, I'm not asking for forgiveness. I don't need it. I've done nothing wrong. We were never anything to each other but two nights of great sex."
"Why, then, am I still drawn to him?"
When DeVon Ricci discovers that his perfect Krissy Jensen isn't so perfect after all, he retreats back
behind the walls he's put up to keep himself from being hurt. As truths begin to reveal themselves,
DeVon must decide if loving Krissy is worth the risk of a broken heart.
Can Krissy and DeVon finally put aside everything that's tried to come between them and admit what
they've both felt from moment one? That, together ... they're perfection

M. S. Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Privè and Chasing Perfection.
Living in Southern California, she enjoys sitting by the pool with her laptop writing on her next spicy


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Crossing The Line by M.D. Saperstein & Andria Large - Cover Reveal

Parker Hamilton - movie star! 

That's what the world knows about me.  Oscar winner, prominent bloodline, playboy.  But there is so much more to me.  My friends are my real family, and they are what matters most. But I’d be lying if I said that I’m not concerned about my reputation. Everyone who lives in the spotlight is. 

Listen, I can play any role - drama, comedy, romance. You name it.  I can act my ass off, and I have the proof on a shelf in my office.  But when my agent calls me into his office to offer me the role of a lifetime, I am hesitant.  Not only would I have to act opposite Chance Steele, the most egotistical schmuck I know, but we would also have to pretend to be intimate.  Really intimate. As in gay lovers.
Now, don’t get me wrong; I am as open-minded as they come.  People can love whom they want, screw whom they want, even marry whom they want.  But when you ask me to make out with a dude, pretend to roll around in a bed with him, well, that’s where I draw the line. Maybe. 

Sometimes lines are blurry. And sometimes lines are just meant to be crossed.

Crossing the Line is book 3 of the Taboo Love series and picks up where Unmasking Charlotte left off. As withHey There, Delilah and Unmasking Charlotte, it is a standalone - so don’t worry if you haven’t read them yet - with a HEA. That means no cliffhanger! Oh, and expect to see some of your favorite characters. 

Contains graphic m/m scenes. Not intended for readers under 18.

Andria Large

 Andria is married and a stay at home mother with two crazy little girls and two psychotic cats. She doesn't go anywhere without her precious iPhone and a purse full of animal crackers. She used to be obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, but now is only mildly obsessed (still goes to every concert when they are in town). She loves cartoons and Disney movies, and can probably recite every line from Dumb and Dumber. Humor is a must in her life; otherwise, it would be completely boring. Pepsi is her weakness, along with anything chocolate. She can’t sing to save her life, but she pretends she can when she is alone in her car with the music blasting so that she can’t hear herself. And don’t mess with her family because she will fuck you up. 

She loves to read Romance. Paranormal, Scottish, Military, Police, Firefighters, Athletes, Cowboys and M/M are her favorite. She is not so much a fan of YA, though. If you haven’t been able to tell from reading her books, she likes - whether she is reading them or writing them - lots of hot steamy sex. Andria loves her fans and is always willing to chat. She works hard on her books, does not get offended easily, and has a pretty thick skin when it comes to negativity toward her work. 

She welcomes constructive criticism because she feels that is how one betters themselves, by taking that constructive criticism and using it. Andria’s books are her art, they are pieces of her, and she can only hope that people will like what she does. For those who don’t, she asks that you be respectful of her art. You don’t have to like it, but you don’t have to be mean about it either.


M.D. Saperstein 

Hi! My name is M.D. Saperstein. I am currently a stay at home mom with my two gorgeous kids. I wasn't always a full time mom, though. After graduating from the University of Florida - Go Gators! - I attended law school at Stetson University. I spent the next 10 years practicing law. I also spent some time counseling mental health patients in an out patient psychiatric hospital. But, until having my own children, my most rewarding job by far was licensing families to receive abused and neglected foster children.

So, that brings us to today. In my spare time, while my children were napping, I started editing novels for other authors. The more I edited, the more ready I felt to write my own. I just needed a new and exciting story line. Once Hey There, Delilah was conceived, the ball starting rolling very quickly. I hooked up with fellow author Andria Large, and we decided to tackle it together. Best decision ever!

I spend most of my free time with my husband and children. But when I get some "me" time, I love to read. Mostly romance and erotica, but I don't discriminate - a good book is a good book, no matter the genre.


Joint Facebook Page:

Book 1 - Hey There, Delilah

Hi, my name is Delilah Sampson, and I am a self proclaimed “frump girl.” My world came crashing down the day I walked in on my boyfriend having sex with my boss, rendering me single and jobless. A new job fell into my lap as the secretary of the gorgeous, rich, powerful, and mighty cocky controlling partner at Santino Law Firm. I spend my days trying to please a demanding boss, keeping my lustful thoughts to myself. Until one night, when my best friend drags me to a club, and I fall for a man whose true identity I will never know.

See, at Club Masquerade, everyone wears a mask and a nametag with a fake name. Also, on your nametag is a number that you are assigned when you come into the club, which is linked to an in-house messaging system; no one is permitted to speak, which ensures that identities are kept secret. I meet my lover every Saturday at 9 pm sharp. We text and email constantly when we are not together, and I have somehow fallen in love with him.

But, then there is Nick Santino. He is the partner that I can’t keep my eyes off. Unfortunately, the only reason he hired me is because he is not attracted to me and all my frump glory. Fortunately, for me, I am a kick ass secretary, so he keeps me around. Like many men in his position, Nick is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it; all without commitment, of course.

So when he finds a woman that he is both physically and emotionally attracted to, he finds himself in unchartered territory – love. And I can do nothing but be jealous from the sidelines – lusting for a man I can’t have, and loving a man I can’t know.

Hey there, Delilah is book 1 of the Taboo Love series, in which we tackle the boss/secretary relationship. Each book will be a stand alone with a HEA, but will have a few reoccurring characters.

BOOK 2 - Unmasking Charlotte
Some say that I'm cynical. Some say that I'm flippant. But I am neither of those things. I am just a realist, who through an unfortunate turn of events, learned the hard way that everything is in fact black or white. At least for me it is, and always will be. 

But then there is Calvin King. The thorn in my side, the pain in my ass. He is what some would call the perfect man - an imposing businessman, an even more impressive ladies’ man. Every man wants to be him and every woman just wants him. At least that is what I hear. I’m not admitting to anything beyond that.

What I do know and will concede to, is that my resolve is tested as soon as I meet Calvin. He ticks every box off my checklist - sexy as sin, tall, dark, rich, intelligent, and funny. My body craves just the thought of him. How can I possibly keep him at arm’s length when he is the only man I want and desire? And it doesn’t help that he kisses like a god and sets my body on fire. Crap! Don’t ask me how I know that, he doesn’t play fair.

Most importantly, I can’t let him unmask me, it’s my only defense.
Unmasking Charlotte is book 2 of the Taboo Love series and picks up where Hey There, Delilah left off. As with Hey There, Delilah, it is a standalone - so don’t worry if you haven’t read Hey There, Delilah, yet - with a HEA. That means no cliffhanger! Oh, and expect to see some of your favorite characters.


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Afraid to Fall by W. Ferraro - Cover Reveal

Title: Afraid to Fall

Author: W. Ferraro

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 18, 2014

Jaded and hardened by the ultimate of betrayals, Clearwater Falls Sheriff Gage Dennison is content with his simple, detached life.
With only his loyal dog at his side, Gage has successfully maintained the walls he's built around his life and heart for eight years. From his secluded house at the end of a private road, to the solitude of a small town sheriff, he has no trouble keeping everyone just where he wants them - at a distance.
But Gage soon learns his walls are not as solid as he thought them to be.
Despite all his efforts, and against his will, Gage's new neighbor Delaney Collins threatens to crack his once-impenetrable walls.
Unprepared for the constant verbal sparring, and growing physical attraction to Delaney, Gage is suddenly fighting an internal war he never expected. His brain and reason insist he keep his distance, but his body refuses to listen. Especially when the lure of her warm, willing body soothing his bruised and battered soul is too much to resist.
As the demons of his past are revealed, will Gage crumble under the weight of his fear? Or will he find the strength necessary to tear down his walls and hold on to the only woman that offers him a second chance at love?
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6566069.W_Ferraro
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/W.-Ferraro/e/B00D0YJN6U/
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/BooksByWFerraro
Author Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/AuthorWFerraro

Three of Hearts (Hamden Series Book 1)



Three of Spades (Hamden Series Book 2)


Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/1wHvZXN

Three of Diamonds (Hamden Series Book 3)

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/1u3sYQx

Breaking Spades (Hamden Series Book 4)

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/ZroTJ6

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Wilde Forever by Suzanne Halliday - Blog Tour

Title: Wilde Forever
Author: Suzanne Halliday
Series: Wilde Women Book 1
Release Date: 09/15/2014

Wilde Forever The first book in the WILDE WOMEN series.

After an ugly divorce, Brynn Baron-Wilde swore off men and created a new life in a quaint upstate touristy town where she runs a successful bakery and tearoom. Brynn has everything mapped out and she’s got no time for distractions.

And then along came Jackson Merrill – former Army medic turned talented renovation specialist. Jax enters Brynn’s well-ordered life and proceeds to shake up her world. 

He’s a bit on the dented and dinged side after his military service and she’s dealing with a stealth attack from her grandmother who’s added manipulative clauses to her will that threaten Brynn’s hold on her house and business. 

Sometimes fate and destiny have a sense of humor along with some questionable timing. Are these two destined to be together or will her reluctance and his issues keep them apart? When a stunning turn of events complicates things even more, things sure do get interesting – meddling parents and all.

Suzanne Halliday writes what she knows and what she loves – sexy adult contemporary romance with strong men and spirited women. Her love for creating short stories for friends and family has developed into a passion for writing romantic fiction with a sensual edge. She finds the world of digital, self-publishing to be the perfect platform for sharing her stories and also for what she enjoys most of all – reading. When she’s not on a deadline you’ll find her loading up on books to devour.
Currently a wanderer, she and her family divide their time between the east and west coast, somehow always managing to get the seasons mixed up. When not digging out from snow or trying to stay cool in the desert, you can find her in the kitchen, 80’s hair band music playing in the background, kids running in and out, laptop on with way too many screens open, something awesome in the oven, and a mug of hot tea clutched in one hand.

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Redeeming the Billionaire by Christina Tetreault - Promo Tour


Billionaire Trent Sherbrooke works hard and plays harder. He’s never once cared what the media or society says about him, until now. Intent on making his way into the United States Senate, Trent hires campaign advisor Marty Phillips. A ruthless force in politics he’ll stop at nothing to get his candidate elected.

After a chance encounter throws local small business owner Addison Raimono in Trent’s path, Marty believes he’s found Trent’s ticket into Washington.

Ignoring his conscience that insists he leave Addison alone, Trent sets out to win her over. Soon what he assumed would be a relationship to salvage his reputation turns into so much more. But can a relationship started on a lie ever survive? 

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Assuming the noise had come from the movie, he turned his attention back to the screen just as another rumble reached his ears. Next to him Addie tensed and he knew the sound hadn’t come from the movie. “They said we would get storms tonight,” Addie said as another clap of thunder filled the room.

He squeezed her hand. “Look on the bright side, we’re not stuck in an elevator this time.” Maybe if he made her laugh it would help her relax.

Before she could answer, a clap of thunder filled the room, this one so loud it sounded as if a bomb had gone off in the room. Under his arm Addie jumped, her head bumping into his. “Sorry,” she said as she pulled away to look at him. “I know thunderstorms are usually harmless but I still hate them.” She moistened her lips with her tongue, the action making his mouth hunger for the taste of her again.

“We all have things that bother us.” He lowered his head toward hers, set on satisfying his need to kiss her while at the same time distracting her from the storm outside.

“Even you?” she asked her voice softer now.

He stopped mere inches from her mouth. “Even me,” he whispered before his lips descended on hers. Her lips were warm and sweet and at first he kept his kisses gentle, allowing himself to savor every moment. The longer they kissed the greater the fire inside him burned. When Addie pressed her breasts against him and parted her lips, he couldn’t stop himself from thrusting his tongue inside to meet hers.

Outside another boom of thunder crashed echoing the thudding of his heart. Pulling his mouth away from Addie’s he trailed his lips down her neck and then back up to her earlobe. With his tongue he traced the outline of her ear causing Addie to sigh. With slow movements, he retraced his steps pausing once again at her lips and kissing her before working his way to her other ear. As he sucked on her earlobe, warm skin came in contact with his as Addie’s hands slid under his T-shirt and up his back. At first her movements remained tentative but when he once again pressed his mouth against hers, they became more confident. Like a wildfire devouring dry brush, desire overtook him and Trent reached for the buttons on her top.

Without breaking their kiss, he undid each tiny button eager to remove the barrier.
About The Author

Author Links 

Other books in the series 

The Courage To Love available now