Monday, September 30, 2013

Falling for My Husband (British Billionaires #1) by Pamela Ann


Falling For My Husband by Pamela Ann...


I could not put it down!!
It was the kind of book where you're only focus IS the book and those are my favorite kind! 

So what's Falling For My Husband about?

Callum and Richard are BFF's.  
Richard is Stella's big brother.

Richard has cancer, and 
Has a dying wish...

He wants Callum to marry and protect Stella, his baby sister, until she's 26.
That's right - 26.

Richard and Stella come from a wealthy family and Richard is afraid that Stella is going to be ate up by vultures and knows that Callum can protect her.

This just so happens to work out perfectly for Callum.

You see, his girl, Zara, ran off and married another without warning and he is crushed. *Evil eye*

Knowing he'll never love again, this "situation" with Stella fits into his life plan without worry.
He knows he'll never marry.

Besides, Richard is his best friend and their family has always treated Callum like their own.  
So, if this was his best friends last wish, he would provide it without question.

So Callum and Stella marry...
BUT they lead separate lives.
They date other people.
They're practically strangers. 

Until...One day Callum calls Stella out of the blue and wants to see her at his office.

He needs a favor, but while they're being generous, Stella has a favor of her own! 

Callum is hesitant to help her out, but eventually caves.

Now, since they've spent a short amount of time together, Callum sees that Stella has grown into a full pledged woman and his mind (and body) can't seem to stay away from her...

But does he have too?

She is his wife, and
He is her husband.

Oh. Yeeeeess....
It's sooooo good.
A must read!

5 GOLDEN Stars for me!

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