Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Come Undone by Madelynne Ellis

We all know I love a good rocker book and this was one that did not disappoint!

Here is where I will add a disclosure -
This is not for anyone who can not be open minded.
You will be opened to a wide variety of scenarios that some are not keen on, and if that's the case for you, then so be it, but this is sooooo not the book for you!

If you can...then climb on aboard and enjoy the ride, baby!
For me, it was one that was thoroughly enjoyed!!

So what's Come Undone about?

Xane, super rock star extraordinaire and lead singer of the mega rock group, Black Halo, is legitimately dumped before going on stage for a performance.

Oh, no.  Don't turn your head...
This is not some 'tear in my beer' sob story between a rocker and his girl.
This break up involves a love tryst where 2 people betray the lead singer and run off to Vegas to get married without even telling him!  O.M.G - Who does that?!

Anywho...Xane gets on stage after finding out about the wedded event and tries to perform...but he can't.
Every song is a reminder of the love affair they shared and he chokes.
Not really chokes, but yea...

So he leaves.  Walks off stage completely.

That's where Dani comes in.
She's a sweet & innocent, who accompanies her friend Ginny to the concert.
Ginny is her best friend and is every possible meaning of the word "groupie".
The two of them end up with a backstage pass and ultimately Dani decides she would rather see the show than sit in the Black Halo's dressing room, but Ginny...well she's determined to make it with a rocker (Or 2. Or 3.) and stays put, which leaves Dani on her own to head back to the show.

This is where is gets interesting!

Xane's leaving the show completely and he runs (literally) into Dani.
Seeing she's got a backstage pass around her neck, he knows he's in for it.  She's a "groupie" and he wants nothing to do with her in that way, although, he needs something from her. A ride!

And this is where it all begins...

The most interesting, twisted, dare I say "love" story you may ever read.
It not only focuses on Xane and Dani and their blossoming relationship, but also focuses on the group, Black Halo, Xane's 2 ex's and even some of his family members.

And the end...Oh the end...
It's like you think you know that's what has happened, but when it's confirmed, you're just stuck processing the information!

I truly enjoyed this book and how it took me out of my "norm"...

There were definitely a few times that things that were revealed, that I didn't see coming...and I soooo love that in a book!

Personally, I'm looking forward to reading more books by Madelynne Ellis!
Before Come Undone, she was an author I had never heard of before, and I totally dug her writing style!

I have recently added more of her books to be TBR list b/c I enjoyed this one so much.

Can.not.wait for Book 2 to come out!!

5 stars for me!

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