Friday, August 30, 2013

Exposure (East Park #1) by Iris Blaire

Let's just get it out of the way...This book is HOT!

I appreciated the different approach and new scenarios the author took with this book!

And it was fun living through the double life of Rylan vs. Evan.
Both a girl.
Both the same person!

Rylan is the smokin' hot, every man's dream, cover girl for the erotic EPE magazine by day
Evan is the nerdy, frumpy, no make up on, straight "A", soon to be college grad.

She lives a double life.
She is a college student and a model, who's risque modeling pays for that education.

She's desperate to keep the lives of Rylan and Evan completely separate since the magazine she models for is mostly geared towards men (in the beginning)...and well...ya's not exactly easy to keep things "private" when your goods are spilled out all over the centerfold page...just sayin'.

After Rylan's successful cover shoot, she quickly becomes the main focus of the magazine, and shortly thereafter, her best friend and founder of the 'zine, Britain, (I love all these character names!!) tells her she wants to gear the magazine towards women as well.

That means they'll be bringin' in the muscle!!!

Shortly after the perfect male candidates are chosen, Rylan finds out that she'll shooting with Dallas.
Kicker is...she ends up knowing him!
She wants him.
BUT, he already has a girl.
Oh my!

Their photo shoots are...
Makes a girl wanna blush, kinda good.

Especially their last shoot together.
You'll be thinking "OH girl...No, you di'int!"

Exposure  was steamy!
Definitely different story line than anything else I've ever read.
Would recommend!

4.25 fiery stars for me! 

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