Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl- The View

It's no mystery that I am a full supporter to Gillian and her known success. However, since I have never posted about it on this blog, y'all are in for a treat!  You see, Gillian is the niece to a friend of mine, so we are constantly in the loop of what, when, and where she'll be next, which I love!  Somehow knowing someone, that knows someone else that's famous, makes me feel kinda famous too. Okay...not really, but the whole deal is pretty sweet! ;) Today we received word that Gillian will be a guest on The View! Ya know, the one with Barbara Walters, Joy Beyhar, AND Whoopie  Goldberg!! Also, a guest tomorrow...Meryl Strep! Love her too, and from what I understand she is very knowledgable of our state, and is very kind. Just as I *knew* she would be!  So set your DVR's folks...It airs tomorrow, August 8!!!

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