Monday, October 14, 2013

Torn, The Connections Series #2, by Kim Karr

If you haven't had a chance to read Connected, make sure to check that out before reading Torn .
You'll want to read this series in order as they're very much "Connected". Harty-Har. *;) winking

Back to "Torn"...

This book is amazing.

I finished it several days ago and it is still fresh in my mind.

Things they did.
Things they said.
It lives with me.
Reminds me.


Soooo much happens in these short two hundred and seventy some odd pages....

People resurface.
Pasts appear.
Secrets are unleashed.
Feelings are untamed.
Cat claws come out.
Sadness and love hugs you.
Fiery lust suffocates us, and
Ice will scald your veins.

That about sums it up...
Without giving too much away - of course! hehe *:-* kiss

So what's Torn about?

Dahila and River are living a perfect life together, after he successfully brings her back into the light.

Of course, life can't be that easy and is about to throw them some major surprises!

Once that 1st surprise surfaces, it starts to show in their relationship.

River is feeling insecure (as he rightfully should) and Dahila is basically just trying to get a grip on reality.

Not that she's crazy...There is just so much going on and only so much one person can handle.

She can't keep her head from spinning.
There are too many surprise events (that keep happening), and while Dahila is trying to put back together the pieces, River is making some major career decisions of his own, and trying to keep his own secrets hidden from a past that won't stay buried.

Now, the match are skirting around truths and feelings, when really all they want and need is the other.

This story is a powerful one.
One that will consume you, and


5 Stars for me!
I heart this book.
Oh...and I heart River too *;;) batting eyelashes

Yes...her re-tweeting me makes me sooooo happy!

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