Friday, October 25, 2013

Promise me Light by Paige Weaver

Haven't read Promise Me Darkness (PMD) yet, stop everything you're doing and do that NOW!

PMD was by far one of my most favorite books EVER.
Ryder and Maddie will stay with me, in my heart and in my head, for a long, long time.
Catch my review here.

If you haven't read PMD, don't continue reading. The below may contain spoilers!


1st, let me say the Sleepy Monster and went to combat on this book as well.
My body?
I'm not 21 anymore, so it doesn't feel like sunshine and roses when I get about 2.5-3 hrs of sleep!

Was it worth it?
I'd do it again in a HEARTBEAT!!


Promise Me Light is directed on the war they're living in.
Focusing on memories, loss, and the solid fear of will he (Ryder) return?

I was a wreck.
It was such an emotional ride.

I found myself crying, yes, crying in the Prologue!

Now we all know I enjoy a good waterworks show (on occasion), but I was.not.expecting it before I got to Chapter 1, people...

I loved this book!
I could feel what they were feeling.

So many emotions were packed on these pages.

The ending - *sigh* - that really sealed the deal for me too!
Made my heart grow even though things were not as you expected them to be.

You just want and pray that they all make it to see the light at the end of the tunnel...Alive and well and hopefully happy.

Speaking of - I can.not.leave.this.out!!

There were a few times I wanted to "B" slap a certain someone(s) for doing certain somethings!

Once, because that certain so and so was stepping on someone else's toes.
Not cool. */:) raised eyebrows 
You'll know what I'm talking about when you get there.
It immediately made me feel territorial...

The "B" slap of the century moment??
A certain so and so is leaving the bathroom (and just can't shut his trap and stop being a hard headed SOB), says something that made my head spin and go - " he din't!"   
It was a jaw dropping moment and I have would totally smacked the *ya know* outta him!!!

That said...
Is it wrong that in that same moment, I think I loved him more? *snickers*
What is wrong with me!!!!  hehe *:"> blushing *#-o d'oh! *:D big grin

So what's Promise Me Light about?

"I'm darkness, Maddie. Stay away from men like me. You'll only get hurt."

"At one time my life was simple. Easy. But that was before the war. Now I was no longer an average college student. I was a survivor. A woman living in a ravaged world. My future was not bright and my life was far from perfect. The war had taken so much from me... but it wasn't finished yet. It wanted more.

It wanted my heart. My soul. The one person I couldn't live without.

It wanted Ryder Delaney. My best friend. The bad boy. The one person who could fight like no other and love me like no one else. He was the father of my baby. I watched him walk away one hot summer day and I prayed he would return. I needed him like I needed air to breathe and water to drink. Without him I was lost. A light without her darkness.

Until he returns, I'll wait for him. And I believe he will return because love is powerful...

And so is the light calling him home."

It's so good!
Just pick it up and read it.
You will love it.
SO many things will have you on the edge of your seat, and I'm telling you....
You won't know whether to stop because you never want it to end, or to be praying for more!

5 Stars for me!!

Now.  I have a to give a shout out here to Miss Paige...

Pleeeeeeease say there's a 3rd book?!?
Please, O'Please...with cotton candy and extra sugary sprinkles on top!

Does begging help? Ha!

Now that I've said my peace, maybe now I can get some sleep??

Okay, so Miss Paige reported back to us and guess what?!?
There WILL be a 3rd book!!

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