Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Connections Series, by Kim Karr Reading Order

Want a fantastic series to read that will have your moods swinging from left to right?!

The Connections Series, by Kim Karr, is definitely the series for you!

I, for one, have loved them all so much.

So, come along and join me as the newest books are released!

Connected, The Connections Series #1 (<---My Review)

Torn, The Connections Series #2 (<---My Review)

Dazed, The Connections Series, #2.5 - Novella - Jagger's Story!

Mended, The Connections Series #3 - Xander's Story!

Blurred, The Connections Series #3.5 - Novella

Frayed, The Connections Series #4 - Ben's Story!

It's going to be a long wait getting there, but I know it will be pure bliss once the entire series arrives!


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