Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seaside Series by Rachel Van Dyken - Reading Order

Don't egg me!

We all know I'm a big Rachel fan, so I can already feel the evil eyes darting in my direction when I say I haven't read a single book in the Seaside Collection.

I know...
I know!
What's wrong with me!!

I need to get on these ASAP!

Here's the Reading Order, and for those of you that are all cray-cray for Seaside, you'll be happy to know, "End of January Fall" will be coming to us shortly.  Like January 2014 "shortly"!
This will be Jameyson's story, and I've gotten a sneak peak.
Let's just say, you're gonna love it!

Tear, (A Seaside Novel, Book 1)

Pull, (A Seaside Novel, Book 2)

Shatter, (A Seaside Novel, Book 3)

Forever, (A Seaside Novella)

End of January Fall: (A Seaside Novel) - Cover Coming Soon!  Release TBA, (tentatively January 2014)


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