Friday, December 20, 2013

Hopeless Series by Colleen Hoover - Reading Order

Colleen Hoover Fans...

There is always a lot of BUZZ circulating this little lady.
She's fun.
She's witty.
*Drum Roll, Please*
The woman can write!

That said, this series is recommended every time I cross the street, so if you're like me, and haven't read them yet, (even though I own Hopeless! *cowars*), lets get on it!

Here's the Reading Order:

Hopeless, (Hopeless, Book 1)

Losing Hope, (Hopeless, Book 2)

Finding Cinderella, (Hopeless, Novella) <---FREE!

Maybe Someday, (Hopeless, Book 3) <---Available for Pre-Order!
Release Date - March 18, 2014

Did you know C.H. will be releasing a complete soundtrack with Maybe Someday!?!  Woot!

Now, onto some extra fun stuff!
If you've heard anything about these books, you will have heard about Griffin Peterson.
I mean, he's like "the man" ya know...
The man behind the music that is.
By the way...
Did y'all know he tried out for American Idol?
Or that he made Nikki Minaj blush and flutter her lashes...
Just sayin'...

But Here!, we have a little ditty by Colleen and Griff (I can call you "Griff", right Griff?)

Video of Upcoming Project: Maybe Someday

Oh!, and if you wanna...
Colleen is currently hosting a giveaway, so check it out!


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