Monday, December 16, 2013

One to Hold by Tia Louise

One Mistake. One Lie.  One Week.
Could you do it?

***Steam lovers welcome!***

The 1st few pages will have you hooked and the plot keeps thickening.
I had a pretty good feeling when Melissa and Derek left what they both wanted to be a stay-cation, it was going to make my blood boil with love, and possibly rage (as I thought I might have to shake one of them)!

I was right...
I did want to shake someone, but
Not necessarily either of them.

Maybe...*Wink*...but HIM! *Glares*
HE was the one I had devil eyes for, and
HE is no bueno, and
Guess what...?
I loved that part of the story!

It got my heart thumpin' and I found myself second guessing what was going to happen next.

Another favorite of mine was the epilogue.
I don't normally say that, because I have such a hard time letting my characters go, but in this case it worked.

I was ok with saying goodbye.
I felt like I knew them both more in that last chapter and could feel that they were going to have their happily ever after, and would continue to do so, after we said goodbye.

4 stars for me!
I'm looking forward to Tia's new release in January called "One to Keep"!
O.T.K, is Patrick's story, and I know he's going to do all the right things for me! *Muwah*

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