Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eagle Elite Lovers! Check out "Evoke" by Rachel Van Dyken

Ooooh mercy...What is she doing to us?!?

Eagle Elite Lovers - There is a novella currently available!

"Evoke" (Eagles Elite 1.5)!!!

This is the in between story of Elite and Elect.


You can read (what is posted) for free here!
Now go check that out, and come back to cast your vote (see below).

By the way, check out the cover art for Evoke.
It was done by a fellow reader!
I absolutely love it...
You don't know if she's clutchin' on Chase or clutchin' on Nixon...
It could be either or...and oh boy...(!) What a decision that girl has to make!!

If you'd like to participate in our Team Nixon vs Team Chase pole, cast your vote here!

"Elite" and "Evoke" Lovers! Who's "Team" are you on? #TeamNixon or #TeamChase? Cast your vote! free polls 

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