Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren - Reading Order

Lots of recommends coming in from you guys on this one!

Some fun facts -
*Christina Lauren are 2 different people!
  Lauren Billings and Christina Hobbs - Together they make Christina Lauren - Pretty cool, eh?!

*The Beautiful Bastard Series is supposed to be turned into a movie!!
"Constantin, the company behind The Mortal Instruments, The Vow, and Tarzan 3D have optioned     the rights and the amazing Stephanie Sanditz is writing the screenplay!  Jeremy Bolt is set to produce. There is also a movie fansite that is super awesome and you should totally check it out."

Here's the Reading Order:
(FYI, All books can be read as stand alones, but all the characters are in each of the books!)

Beautiful Bastard (Book, #1)

Beautiful Bitch (Book, #1.5)

Beautiful Stranger (Book, #2)

Beautiful Bombshell (Book, #2.5)

Beautiful Player, (Book, #3)

Beautiful Beginning, (Book, #3.5)


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