Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elite by Rachel Van Dyken

Do it.
Just Do It.
Pick it up and read it now.

I started "Elite" yesterday and could not put it down.
In fact, we had a family outing last night, so what did I do?
Went to bed early and woke up at 3am just to finish reading it!

Crazy, right?!
I know...
I get it.
I do.
Something is seriously wrong with me...
BUT it was really that good!!

So what's Elite about?

Trace Brooks is a small town farm girl, who winds up being a random "lottery winner" to the prestigious institute of "Eagle Elite".

She's excited to be heading for college. To be chosen to attend "Eagle Elite" is such a dream come true!

Now, with her being the lottery winner and all, she feels that she is 100% set for the term of her time there. Clearly, everything would be smooth sailing when she arrives on her new stomping ground, right?

So. So. Wrong.

Everything that 1st week is like living in a nightmare.
A reoccurring one at that!

The things that happen will make you cringe and want to spit flames of fire at a certain someone(s), but then things shift.

At 1st we don't know if it's for the better, or worse...or what to expect really.
We just know that things are changing, and the more information that is revealed, the more your head is left spinning in all the best kinds of ways! {Heart}

5 Stars for me!!
A BIG thank you to a trusted Bookie who lead me on to this series!
*High 5's chic*

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