Monday, October 8, 2012

Wicked Witch Wreath & Witch Leg Tutorial

We've made it to October!  *Deep Breaths in* Can you smell that crisp fall air?!  It's wonderful!!

In celebration of such a fantastic month, I'm going to show you how to piece together this charming Witch Wreath for Halloween!

Isn't she cute?!  Poor thing was squished by the "ENTER IF YOU DARE" sign.  I guess she'll learn to pay more attention next time ;)
If you'd like to make a wickedly fun witch wreath too;

You'll Need:
1 Wreath Form
4 colors of Tulle, at least 6 yds each, cut down to ~15"L x 6"W pieces
rotary cutter/scissors
1 scary sign
1 witch hat
1 witches broom (Target)
Scrap Fabric
Polyfil or grocery sacks
Wire (I'm sure pipe cleaners would work!)
fabric glue (if you're not into sewing)
wood glue
straight pin

Separate all your tulle colors.  You're going to work piece by piece in a synchronized order...My order was Black, Green, Orange, Purple...Black, Green, Orange, Purple...

Now we're going to start wrapping the wreath:
It's almost like you're tying your shoes...put both sides of tulle together, and tie into a double knot
Continue all the way around, repeating the same pattern you've created, until the entire wreath is covered in tulle.

Now lay your sign crossed the top of your wreath.  Using wood glue, apply to the back of your sign, and press the sign firmly into place.  *Tip* Lay something of substance on top of the sign, making sure it's not too heavy and won't break through.  Leave to sit overnight.

This looks just as cute with just the tulle if you're wanting something on the quicker side.
While your sign is drying to the wreath, let's move on and start on the witch legs...

Cut your fabric scraps down to size.  I used 12x2, but use whatever looks best to you.
Fold, so that the wrong side of the fabric is showing. Now sew a straight line around the longest outer edge only.  Turn fabric right side out.  It helps to use scissors.  Check here for details...

This photo shows, what it should look like after being sewn, and what it looks like flipped right side out:
If you're not into sewing, just add fabric glue and stuff.  Easy peasy!
Start stuffing the legs about 1/2-3/4 of the way full with poly fil, leaving about an inch and a half at the bottom unfilled.  *Tip* This process goes faster, if you use a pair of scissors or a pen/pencil as an assistant.
Top shows 1.5 inch that was left unfilled. Additional half will be filled in a few minutes, but 1st...
We're going to add our wire.  To do this, run the uncut wire down the inside side of the leg.  You'll do one at a time.  Once the wire has about an inch overhang, snip with wire cutters.

Now continue to stuff the legs, until you (once again) have about 1.5 left un-stuffed.  So you should have 1.5" un-stuffed at the bottom, and now the top...
Choose an end to be the feet, and start to curl the fabric in a roll type fashion, tucking the fabric in as you roll.  FYI: You don't want a full circle...just enough to make it curl.  I wanted mine to resemble the Wicked Witch of the East, right after the house is dropped on her...hehehe

Now it's time to attach the legs to the wreath, which is really quite simple.  Just squeeze them in from underneath the sign, decide the placement and attach, using wood glue. 

Again, you want something that has some weight to sit on top (vegetable can), so they don't move. They will need to sit overnight.

Once that's dry, we're ready to attach our broom and hat.  I purchased the hat at Hobby Lobby.  Got a steal of a deal.  They wanted something like $3.99 for 4 of them!  Craziness, I tell you...craziness!!!  I'll show you what I have planned for the other 3 coming up soon :) :) :)

So lets start with our hat, shall we?

It's quite simple.  Grab your straight pin and your hat, find the placement you like, and at an angle, insert the straight pin into the sign.

Now onto the broom:

You'll need your hot glue gun...
Put a decent amount of hot glue on the beginning end of where your brushes on your broom stick begin.
Press firmly for a few seconds into place.
Now moving back to your wood glue.  I wanted my broom staggered, so I put mine at an angle.  So I put the glue directly on my sign and pressed the broom firmly into the glue.  Again you'll want to sit something with weight on top.  This time I used a bag of rice.  Wood glue takes FOREVER to dry, so once again, I left it overnight.

Woke up, the next morning...and Viola!

One completely spooky holiday wreath! EEK!!

Happy Crafting...

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