Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kids Halloween Craft - Pumpkins for my Punkin'

Per tradition, we started on a fun Halloween Craft the other night.

My 2 year old, had so much fun!  You could tell she had such a sense of self accomplishment completing these all by herself (with supervision).

She really seems to enjoy creating different things, so this was a fun outlet for her to create whatever she wanted, and it can be for your kiddo's too!

The great thing about this project is you can literally use whatever you have on hand to make these.  Construction paper, poster board, you name it.  Just let the kiddos have fun with it, and trust me, you'll be the one reaping the rewards! :)

So let's get started shall we?

You'll Need:
A surface.  We used foam pumpkins
White School Glue
Googly Eyes
Pom Pom's
Whatever you've got in your craft stash - Get creative!

I like to start our activities by laying out various items that she can easily handle, and allow her to reach for whatever she wants to add to the pumpkin.

We used Googly eyes and Pom Pom's. She was in heaven.

I can't tell you how PROUD she was of her creations!

What kinds of crafts do you and your children like to create for Halloween?  I'd love to hear your traditions!

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