Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kid Approved Egg Pizza!

Do you have a hard time getting your child to eat breakfast in the morning?  If so, these Egg Pizza's are sure you become a winner in your household!  Mom's Happy.  Kids are Happy.  I love when it all comes together like that!

To start;

You'll Need:
2 eggs
veggies of choice *Optional
half n' half or milk
ham (or other meat) *Optional
Shredded Cheese

To begin, crack your eggs, add salt, and a splash of milk or half n' half, like you normally would for scrambled eggs.
 Whisk together, pour into skillet that has been warmed on Medium heat, and add your vegetables.  We just added scallions.
 Top with ham to cover the surface.
 Allow the eggs to cook until set.  See below, how I can easily grab the egg with my spatula?
 Flip to cook on opposite side for just a minute.  Doesn't take long.  Then cut into "pizza's" with a pizza cutter and serve with fruit and/or yogurt. 
They'll gobble it up!

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