Monday, October 1, 2012

Matt's Game Day Kielbasa

My husband whips up this recipe, typically as an appetizer, but he's been known to throw it together for a quick dinner with rice, or on a jack pot night, he'll serve it with the blue box mac and cheese on the side. Yep - He's awesome! :)

You'll Need:
Your favorite Kielbasa
Chopped Vegetables (Onion, Green Pepper, etc), optional

Cut your kielbasa into 2.5-3" pieces and cut them in half.

Heat a skillet, on the medium - medium high heat.  When your pan is hot, add 1/2tsp of butter, place kielbasa down into the pan, and turn heat down to medium.  *This cooks REALLY quickly.  About a minute or two, so don't walk away!

Place toothpicks into the sausage, and serve with BBQ or sweet & sour sauce.

Good eats...We Love Our Game Days!

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