Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kids Pumpkin Crafts - Glitter & Spidey Pumpkins

We really had such a great time putting this together.  The best parts were watching my girl make a *monster*ous mess of glitter glue on top of her pumpkin, but her stuffing the spider legs was my absolute fav!

She gets this "Must Concentrate" look on her face that is to die for!

I also loved seeing her aspect of how things should look.  Which by the way, she really surpassed my expectations as to what and how much she would do.  For some reason, I didn't think the spider craft would be too advanced for some reason, but it wasn't.  At all.

I think you're kiddo's will really enjoy this too!  So let's get started...

You'll Need:

Glitter Pumpkin:
Glitter Glue or White Glue (I found the glitter glue kept her more focused)

Additional Glitter

Spider Pumpkin:
Googly Eyes
Black Pipe Cleaner

We also did a marker one, which was really fun, but I don't have pics of that downloaded just yet.  Just throwing that out there in case any of you want/need more ideas :)

Basically all we did, was head outside.  Can't really screw anything up out there, so luckily the weather was cooperative. :)

Just like in my last kids craft post, I just sat everything out in front of her for each project and let her go to town.

For the glitter pumpkin, we started with white glue, which was fun, but WOW the glitter glue, really colored her world!  Highly recommend!! 

Then I sat out my glitter shakers, let her choose the additional colors she wanted to add, and viola.  Her Glitter Pumpkin was born!

Zombie Mode: Must concentrate

"Pretty as a pumpkin" BAHAHAHA I make myself laugh! ;)

For the spider pumpkin...Mom/'re in charge/supervision of Step 1. Take your pumpkin, and around each of the grooves, take your pencil/pen, and insert it into the pumpkin to create a hole for your pipe cleaner to go in for the spider legs. 
Mark the spot for the legs, making the hole big enough for the pipe cleaner to go into.  I used a ball point pen.  Worked great.
Insert the legs.
Completed legs
Attach your googly eyes - I laid out 8, but she only wanted 6...

and her Pumpkin Spidey, turned out absolutely great! 

Her Pumpkin Spidey now lives on our window seal for everyone to see as they drive by. 

Have a Great Day, Pumpkin's :)

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  1. You have a very intelligent and crafty daughter. So adorable. This is something we will try.