Monday, August 6, 2012

Elmo Hair Bow - DIY

"La-la-la-la...La-la-la-la...Elmo's World..."

(For those of you who haven't seen the introduction to "Elmo's World", you can view the video here.)

I swear this song is addictive.  It gets stuck in my head for at least 3 hours of the day, every day, but my girl loves her Sesame Street, "Mel-mo" and "COOOOKIE monster", and that in itself makes the repetition worth it!

Since she's such a big Sesame Street fan, I thought it'd be cute to add an Elmo bow to her every growing collection.

If you'd like to make one for your little one too;

You'll Need:
3/4" Cross-grain Red Ribbon
Ruler or some sort of measuring device
2 White Pom-Pom's smallish size (but not the mini's)
1 Orange Pom-Pom
Scrap Piece of Black Felt
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Start by plugging in your hot glue gun.

Now the cutting process.  You can do this process in your own way, but I prefer to cut all my pieces 1st, so that I can concentrate solely on gluing when the time comes. 

Cut your ribbon into 6, 7" strips.
Measure to 7" and cut
6, 7" pieces
Now for the eyes.  Cut a small square of your black felt.  You don't need much.  I started with about a 1/2" x 1/2" piece.
Fold the square in half, like this:
And do a circular cut out, like you would when you'd make a paper snowflake as a kid (or adult *Wink*...whatever ;))
You should have 2 circles when you've finished
Using the same technique as you did for the eyes, cut out a mouth.  I cut about 1" x 1" and did some small trimming at the end. Again, just fold the felt in half and cut yourself a circle, then cut the circle in half.  Straight down the middle.  Sorry no pic.

Time to start gluing.  Here you're going to have to use your imagination a little bit, as it's hard to glue and take pics at the same time.

Start by putting a small amount of glue on your end of your ribbon.  Bringing the ends together to create a small circle. When you're finished, it should look like this:
On the crease you created on your circle piece, you're going to put a small amount of glue on the inside of the circle and push down so that the ribbon pieces are joining together.  Make sense?
Now for stacking.  Again, this is just how *I* do it, but you do what feels right to you!
I stack my pieces (without gluing 1st) to get a mental note of how the end result will be.  So your desire and glue piece by piece.  I just glue the center down.  No end to do any further gluing.
Your body (or head, I guess) is complete.  Moving onto the eyes.  I trimmed my pom-pom's down a little.  Just a little bit.  Glue on your black circles onto both of the white pom-pom's, then sit aside.
Going back to the head.  You're going to glue on your nose.  Directly in the center of the face.
Then add the eyes
and mouth

There you have it.  One Elmo Bow, made Just for You!


  1. How bad is it that I LOOOOOOOOOVE elmo's world! La La La LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Haha! But not as much as I LOVEEEEE this bow on that cutiepie! Such a great idea! Love it!
    -Carrie Eve @

  2. Awe! Thanks!! She is pretty sweet :)
    You should make one. Sadly, I wear some of her bows. They're too cute not too! ;)

  3. can you do other characters?