Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello Kitty - *Cheater* Cake Pops

I will post all the pictures I have for the cake pops, but if you want to visit the true queen of these pops, please visit Bakerella! She is absolutely awesome, and I love her site! Her site, is the instruction manual I followed for the most part on these pops.  However, I did wanted to add some additional information that her site didn't include.

Being a cake pop newbie myself, I thought it would be nice to have some additional step by step instructions, and to make your life easier, I'm sharing the information that worked for me today!

I'm also including my speed method to make things go a little bit faster. What's that you say? I subbed donut holes for the crumbly cake mixture you'd usually use for cake pops!  This was a huge time saver, and they tasted amazing!!

I truly believe that even if you're an avid cake pop maker, this method is worth trying @ least once, but it's especially nice, if you a newbie cake pop maker, like me!

You'll need: 
Store bought (yeast) donut holes 
Red TUBE frosting that you can attach a frosting tip too (I used Wilton), but Betty Crocker makes a frosting pack that already includes a tip, which is another great option!
Wilton White Candy Melts
Jumbo Heart Sprinkles
Rainbow Chip Sprinkles
Black Edible Pen (Walmart & all the craft stores I went to do NOT sell these. I found mine at a local bakery shop, but they can also be found online)
Paper Lollipop sticks
Styrofoam Block covered in saran wrap (so you can re-use)
Frosting tip (doesn't matter what size)
White Choc Chips

To start, open the white candy melts, and dump the entire bag into a microwave safe bowl.  Follow the directions on the back for the melting process. *Tip* Don't overheat the chocolate. Cook at most for 1.5 min's, stir, and allow the heat to sit through the chocolate. That's all mine needed, and it was perfect. Tip 2: If you continue to stir the chocolate after the 1.5 mins the chocolate will continue to melt as the heat sits in.

Once the chocolate melts are melted...Dip your lollipop stick into the chocolate and then into the donut hole.  Since I was in a rush, I lightly swiped the top of the heads into the choc dip (you don't need very much at all) then attached two chocolate chips to make ears. Gently place the sticks into the styrofoam mold.

I stuck mine into the freezer for about 5 min's, or until they were set.

Once the 5 min's is up, take your pops, one at a time, and dunk them into the chocolate melts, until your donut hole is fully covered.  I had to tip my bowl a bit to make this work correctly.  It will take a little practice, but you'll get it!

Once the "pop" is officially covered in chocolate melt, lightly tap the excess chocolate off.  To do this, continue holding your cake pop and tap the lollipop stick to the bowl, not the cake pop itself.

As soon as all the excess is off, return to it's place in the styrofoam mold, and continue until all the pops are complete.

Next, your face...

Using your edible marker, draw the Hello Kitty face.  Tip:  Notice the eyes are directly in the middle of her face.  They are spaced further apart, which is where her nose goes, and her whiskers start directly to the right of the eye.  Print something off online, or have a photo nearby.  Not being an artist myself, this helped A LOT!

Now for your bow and nose...

I used a frosting tip to adhere the chocolate to the cake pop.  So dunk your frosting tip into the chocolate melt mixture and quickly dab the chocolate into the place you want your bow to be.  I used the right ear.  Keep in mind here you don't need very much chocolate at all, just enough to act like a glue per say.

Once the chocolate melt is placed where you want your bow to go, take 2 heart sprinkles, in coordinating colors, and attach them to where the points meet each other.  Make sense?  This is where I wished I would have taken more pics!

Same thing for the nose.  Using the TINIEST bit of choc, dab the chocolate into the place you want your nose to go, and adhere the yellow rainbow sprinkle.  I promise this sounds so much harder than it is, but if you have questions just ask!

Now it's the sit and wait game...

Throw (okay...don't really "throw") your cake pops back into the freezer.  Let them sit for 10 min's, but don't just walk away and go about your marry little way, because if you freeze them too long they will crack, so pay attention.  I sat the alarm on my phone.

Once you take the pops out, stare and admire your hard work for 5 seconds and then get ready to finish your masterpiece of a bow.  Opening your red frosting (and attaching your frosting tip to it, if need be) make the smallest little red dot (or circle) in the middle of your 2 hearts. it looks just like a Hello Kitty Bow!

If I would of had time, I would have placed them back into the freezer for just a few more minutes, just so they could set a little longer, but it was party time.  Not kidding you...I finished just in time!

Hope your party go'ing plans go super smooth and you enjoy your Hello Kitty pops just as much as we did!

If you would like additional pictures, I'm happy to re-make them, as they really are a lot of fun.  As you can imagine I was just a tad distracted since I was working within such a tight time frame.  However, if you need anything, or the information posted about isn't clear enough, just ask.  I'm here to help!



  1. i need to make two dozen cake pops how many bags of that candy melt do i need

    1. I'd grab 3 bags. You'll have leftovers, but better safe than sorry! <3