Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sewing - How to Thread a Bobbin

Okay, so let's be truthful here...  I am not a seamstress, but in this day in age, people are reverting back more and more to the DIY's of the "olden days".

From what I've observed, sewing seems to be hitting a lot of these DIY categories lately, and I absolutely love it!  Sewing is a craft that will be around until the end of time.  So if you're curious as to how to get started, I've put together a three part mini sewing series to get you moving on your way.

Today we'll be going over how to thread your bobbin.

You'll Need:
A sewing machine

To start you'll need to put your thread onto the thread spool of the machine, and feed the thread through the tract.  Every machine is different, but most beginner ones look like this:
Over, down, then around the silver piece, and to the right.
With the dangling thread, poke through one of the holes in your bobbin.
Leaving the thread poking through the hole, wrap the opposite end around the bobbin several times:
You just need a tiny bit left at the top so it doesn't unwind itself.
Now on top of of your machine, there is a bobbin winding mechanism.  Place your bobbin in that, and lock into place.  With your left hand, gently hold the lose thread.  Press down on the machine's foot pedal, and watch your machine work it's magic!

When the bobbin is full, your machine will stop.
Viola!  One filled bobbin.

*Note - Please be aware that anytime you change your color of thread, you will have to change the thread on your bobbin to match.  Just an FYI'er*

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