Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello Kitty Party

Those that know me, know how much I love to plan, shop, and set up a party!  Especially if that party is for my itty bitty baby girl, who turned 2.  *Sniff, Sniff!*

Theme for this year was Hello Kitty, and what is Hello Kitty without a rainbow, right?  Right!

So here's some of the party decor, if you're sweet one is into Hello Kitty too!

Hello Kitty Wreath - Snip, Snip - HORRAY!
Bows!  All handmade by yours truly!
Coloring station for the kiddo's
Entry Way - That Kitty is not a stuffed animal, it's a cold compress!
Love, Love, Love these!  I have done this for years and years and it is now the latest craze!  Use duct tape as your water bottle "label"  All you do is cut off the original label and wrap with duct tape.  So easy, and So cute!
Pre-Scoop your ice cream.  I can't tell you how much attention this got, and it was so nice not having to ask someone to scoop it for you, or have the mess to clean up afterwards.  All you do is line your cupcake pans with cupcake liners, scoop, and store.  Found this on pinterest, and it is absolutely Brilliant!
Hello Kitty Cake Pops! *Cheaters way*  Use donut holes!!!
Cake Table

Utensil Holder - All done in her favorite colors
The spread
Somehow I didn't get any pictures on these on the bday table, but here they are - Kitty Ears! xoxo

The Cake - The toppers I made out of a felt like material and the Hello Kitty is a bubble blower I found on Amazon.com
Everything's better when you add a rainbow!  Lots of Oh's and Ah's on this one!!

 Last but not least...we can't forget the dress!
So so cute.  She was a stunner!
I hope you found some fun party ideas or at least some inspiration!


  1. LOVE! I probably won't ever have a girl of my own... so.. I just swoon over yours! :D so creative! What a lucky little girl to have such a fun momma!

  2. That touched my heart! <3 Thanks Les!!

  3. Do you have a tutorial for the Hello Kitty headband?

    1. Celeste, I'm so sorry for my delayed response! No - Unfortunately, I do not have a tutorial for the Hello Kitty Headbands at this time. I will see what I can do. Thank you!

  4. Im definitely using the duct tape idea for my daughters party!!! Its soo cost effective thanks!!