Thursday, August 23, 2012

Training Pants/Panties - DYE 'em!

As I've mentioned before, my wee one has very sensitive skin, but we've been successfully potty training, and she's graduated from wearing diapers to wearing training pants & panties full-time.  

Reasoning?  They don't make sensitive Pull Up's/Easy Up's.  Why is this?  Your guess is as good as mine!  Huggies...Pampers...Are you listening?!!  Hear my cry!!

So, it was time to get down to business, before the business took care of me.  
Quite literally.

The only training pants we've been able to find locally, (without spending a gazillion dollars), are the regular ol' Gerber training pants.  They're great.
No...really they are, BUT they're sooooo boring!  Zzzz...

Plain white?! What little girl wants to walk around looking like she's in tighty whities all day?
Even if she's only 2.  Her Momma wants much more for her than that! 

My solution?  Dye them!

I have never taken on such task, so we're going to go through this trial and error process together.  The outcome!  So worth the time!!  Seriously...her little tush looks so cute in these!

You'll Need:
2 Package's of your favorite Training Pants
Rit Dye
Large Measuring Cup
Large Stock Pot
Metal Spoon
Whisk (Optional)
Hot Water
1c. of Salt
Old Towel
Latex Gloves or Food Service Gloves

To start, you're going to fill your stock pot with really hot water from your sink.  Bring to an under boil (just below boiling) on the stove.

Once pot is just under boiling, turn it down and let it simmer, while you create your dye mix.

To do this; 1st cover your counter surface w/ an old towel or wax paper.
Also, when working with dye, it's best to use gloves, so go ahead and put those on too.

Take 2c. of very hot water, 1c. of salt, and the entire package of Rit Dye Mix.  Give it a good stir with your whisk or spoon, and pour the mixture into your simmering stock pot.

Make sure to scrap all the salt out of the bottom, then stir the two mixtures together.

Now over to your sink.  I put the stopper in the bottom of mine, to save on water.  Then doing a few at a time, laid them in to soak.  Make sure they are completely submerged.

One at a time, squeeze the excess water out, lay flat, so there are no wrinkles, then gently place into your stock pot.

Continue with the rest of the pants until they're all in the dye bath.

You'll need to continuously stir for 30 min's, or until desired color is achieved. I soaked mine for 16 min's.  How's that for precision :)

Now it's time to rinse.

Move your hot pan over by your sink.  With your tongs (The water will be very hot.  Do not just reach in!) pick up a pair of your pants, and transfer them into your sink.  


Run under warm water until water runs clear.  Then again in cold.


I did them in stacks...So all of them went under a warm bath, then cold bath.

Do this with each pair of pants.

After you've fully rinsed them.  Wring out the access water, and lay flat.  SO pretty already!

 Now you'll need to find something to lay them on, to transfer them to your laundry station.
(I used a plastic grocery bag)

Launder separately.  I washed twice.

Viola!  Adorable little undies taylor made - Just for you!
  Now how cute is that?!!

What I love even more about this project?  It's versatile, and is perfect for boys and girls alike!

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