Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Painting/Updating your Trash Can!

We have a very old, grimey, trash can, that has definitely seen better days.

It has been in our lives for at the last 9, 10 years, dating back to when we were living in an apartment.

About 8 years ago, we bought our home, and since then this trash can has been moved around from being the every day trash receptacle, to being the catch all for drywall, insulation, tile, and you name it.  Basically what I'm saying is, our entire house, has probably fit into this trash can at one time or another, so you can only imagine how the once crisp white, has turned more into a dull white-ish - grey color, yet it's still very functional, but it was time for some sprucing up!

If you have a trash can, or even a laundry hamper (!!!) that needs some updating; 

You'll Need:
1 clean trash bin
Paint (I used the FREE paint I mentioned about here)
Paint Brush
Floor Protector
Decals (optional)

With these simple tools,and some (wo)man hours, you can go from this:



Now I'd say that's a vast improvement!  Wouldn't you?

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