Saturday, January 4, 2014

Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig - Reading Order

I heard of this series through a fellow Author/Friend, Tia Louise!
Hi, Tia!!!

She is going bananas over this series, and it makes me really, really want to jump in and go bananas too!

So, pick it up y'all and we can all go bananas together!

Here's the Reading Order:

Consequences, (Consequences Series, Book 1)

Truth, (Consequences Series, Book 2)

Convicted, (Consequences Series, Book 3)

Behind His Eyes, Consequences (Consequences Series, Tony's POV)

Behind His Eyes, Truth (Consequences Series, Tony's POV)

Behind His Eyes, Convicted (Consequences Series, Tony's POV)


This is kind of fun!
Here is a book movie trailer for the books...



Now; For all you out there that love a good bargain...
*Raises Hand* 
The 1st three books in the Consequences Series is now available in a boxed trilogy set!  
Super discounted,  
Super love, and
It's like getting a whole book for FREE!

Now that's worth going bananas for!

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