Friday, January 3, 2014

Sempre Series by J.M. Darhower - Reading Order

LOTS of incoming raves about "Sempre"!!

A spicy mafia story about 2, 17 year olds. 
One a victim of human trafficking.
The other is the son of the man who enslaved her.

That alone, piqued my interest and about whipped my head right off my shoulders!
No wonder you guys are hyperventilating!
My interest is definitely piqued!!

Oh, AND it looks like the 2nd book in this series, "Sempre Redemption", was just released a couple weeks ago too!

Here's the Reading Order:

Sempre, (Sempre Series, Book 1) <---Currently $.99! Woah.

Sempre Redemption, (Sempre Series, Book 2)



  1. Bought the 1st one, gonna hold off on the 2nd one till next payday! lol. Thanks for the heads up this looks good!

    1. You bet!
      I knew this would be so up our alley.
      Looks crazy good! I one-clicked it as soon as I saw it! <3