Monday, January 13, 2014

Forever & Always by Jasinda Wilder

Forever & Always has my heart in so many ways!
Twisting and tugging and breaking and loving…

I want to hold on tight to the love that exists in Caden and Ever – Forever.

The back and forth letters between these two were…Ugg…so good!
It took me back.

Those intimate conversations were absolutely some of my most favorite moments.
Their sharing was so honest and intense!
I swear I could feel and sympathize with how each were feeling.
Each overcome with something that is so much bigger than them.

I’m not sure that *I* could have handled some of these situations myself, yet I felt humbled and envious of what they have.

That kind of friendship.
That kind of love.
That kind of strength.

So again…Do I think I could handle some of what they went through?
I’m not really sure.
Especially in Caden’s case.

Maybe I was more vulnerable than some to this story, because of some unexpected events that have come about in my life recently, but be prepared!

This is NOT your everyday feel good romance that gives you those fuzzy, happy, lets run off into the sunset moments (even though there are a few of those).

It’s real.

Jasinda definitely didn’t hesitate to rip my heart out on more than one occasion!
Dare I say it was refreshing?
I realize how warped that sounds, but it kind of was.

After wallowing and a few tears, I’m ready to continue Caden and Ever’s story.
God help me (!), because right now…
In this moment...
*Points downwards*
My heart is aching.

I hope and pray and wish and hope and pray that my thoughts aren’t correct on the direction this story is going. *Sniff*
I’m not sure my heart can take it.

Wonderfully written!
Now will someone please pass the Kleenex. *Sniff*
4.5 Stars for me!

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