Tuesday, January 28, 2014

After Forever by Jasinda Wilder

Uggggh - I love this book!
I was tore up and raw from Forever & Always, but I love this even more! 

It’s such a weird sensation.
Openly wanting your heart and soul to be ripped to shreds, but wanting it all the while.

I feel as though I have been gutted.
I bawled.
I felt so conflicted.

Even now that the book is over! Gaa…
You literally don’t feel like you know what’s right and wrong anymore.
How things should be now that they’re back to “normal”?

Everything is so insanely screwed up that you can feel your morals and reactions shifting in ways you didn’t think they would. 
*Deep Breath*
This made me see and feel and know that sometimes life is just a crap shoot.
It can be so messed up and in this story, you are more upside down than you could possibly imagine. 

As I stated earlier, things that may normally feel so so wrong, all of a sudden feel almost right.

I’m finding it extremely difficult to review without giving everything away, but know that it’s sooooo good and you have to read it.

You have to!

After Forever was 5 Stars for me!!

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