Tuesday, November 5, 2013

REAL Series by Katy Evans Reading Order

I freakin' looooooove this series! LOVE!
Remy and Brooke...I heart them both so much.
All the secondary characters too!
This series is a MUST read.
Must Read!

Real, (Real Series #1) <--My review

Mine, (Real Series #2) <---My Review debuts tomorrow as part of the "Mine Blog Tour", but you know I can't keep a secret. *Wink* You think I went Ape over "Real"...You haven't seen anything yet!! *Crosses heart*

Remy, (Real Series #3) - Available for Pre-Order! Releases November 26, 2013.
That's 3 weeks from today, and I'm DYING for it!

Ripped, (Real Series #4) - This is Pandora's Story - Coming April 2014
Raw, (Real Series #5) - This is Melanie's Story - Coming September 2014

I'm not kidding you guys.
You NEED to read them.
You will kick yourself if you wait around.
This is something Epic!

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