Friday, November 15, 2013

Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy by Sylvain Reynard Reading Order

Currently reading "Gabriel's Inferno" and Wow...
I'm at 60% and all I can say is that I enjoyed the 1st part of the book, but now...Well now, I pretty much feel like we just took it up a level, and I have a gut feeling it's only going to get more intense as things progress.

I'm excited about this one!
Highly suggest you pick it up!

By the way...
Not sure if they're currently discounted on Amazon for the highly anticipated release of "Gabriel's Redemption", or maybe there is just this big of a price gap between Amazon and Barnes & Noble...But, they're significantly cheaper through Amazon.
$8.89 vs. $12.99.

Reading Order is as follows:

Gabriel's Inferno

Gabriel's Rapture

Gabriel's Redemption <--Currently available for Pre-Order!

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