Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Chalkboard

One of the wedding crafts I was working on earlier this year was a DIY Chalkboard.
The initial plan here was to just buy a chalkboard, but have you scoped the scenes for them?!?
I could not believe how much $$$ people wanted for something as simple as this, when you can easily make it yourself.

So if you're looking for a simple wedding craft, a little extra pizzazz for that birthday or holiday party, or just want something to throw in the playroom to let your kids have a creative outlet, this is right up your alley!

You'll Need:
1, piece of MDF, Shelving, whatever kind of wood-ish board that fits the scale of how large you want your completed piece.  My board is approximately (16 x 24)
Wood glue
2, 2x8 pieces of wood, optional
Chalkboard paint, I used Valspar
Paint rollers
Stain or alternate paint color (if framing your chalkboard), optional

Let's get started...

Prime all your pieces and let them dry 100%. 
 If you're framing your chalkboard, I recommend using a thicker piece of wood.
 Once all the pieces have been primed, paint your main "chalkboard" piece with chalkboard paint.

After the chalkboard paint has dried, you are ready to cut out your frame.
Which I should say - "Thank you, husband."

Apparently, he didn't trust me with his power tools.  Sniff...but really...I don't blame him.  Haha

He 45'd each end piece so that the seams would be, well...seamless.
  Since mine was for a wedding, he also routed to outsides for me, to give it a higher end look.
I heart it.
Once all the pieces are cut to size, paint or stain the "frame" in the color you'd like.

Dry completely, then attached the backside of the "frame" with wood glue to your completed chalkboard piece, and clamp down around the sides to keep it in place.

Wood glue, if you've never worked with it before, does take awhile to dry.
I love this stuff and use it for everything tho, because it works so awesome!
Just make sure you dry it completely.  I left mine overnight and the entire next day.
 Once it's dry, remove the clamps.

Sit your piece upright, slap on a message, and enjoy your new piece of art.

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