Friday, August 23, 2013

Thoughtless, Effortless, Reckless - S.C. Stephens

This series has been my guilty pleasure for the last 3-4 days.

I have stayed up late reading every night until 3am, in some some cases later (earlier...however you want to look at it) - Eep!

I tried to steal every moment possible with these books.  I HAD to know and figure out what was going to happen next.  I just HAD too.

Some of you may even laugh, because as the page numbers started to grow closer and closer to the finish line, I found myself trying to take a step away from my e-reader, but I couldn't.  I just couldn't.

Why, you ask?
I was not (and am not) ready to these characters go!
I grew to love them.
All of them!
Even the ones I wasn't sure I could totally love, I ended up falling in love with.

2 day later, I still cannot stop thinking about these books.

It's safe to say that this series has made it to my Top 10 favorite book list of all time!

2 Words.  Kellan. Kyle.

Ah...the man is swoon worthy!

I adore Kellan.  Even in the beginning when things were so sketchy as to what was going to happen next. He was so attentive, and there (if you know what I mean)....and who doesn't love a hot, sensual, piece-of-man, who sings silky as sin and can flash a devil-ish lopsided smile that makes us melt.  *Swoon*

*Deep breaths!*

By Book 2 (Effortless), I loved Kellan.

By Book 3 (Reckless), he had taken over my train of thought completely.

Kiera.  Hmm...what can I say about her?
Okay...that sounded bad. I like her. I really do, but hear me out...

In Thoughtless, I found myself being able to relate to her.  Girl next door, sweet, loving, easy going, college student.

Then when *it* happens, I found myself thinking she was selfish, downright cold, and I found myself wanting to smack the *ya know* out of her, but yet I was still kinda on her side, because I could somewhat understand her emotions and immaturity, but I soooo wanted to rip her hair out at the same time. Ha!

So what's Thoughtless about?

Kiera, a young college student, and her long-time boyfriend, Denny, move to Washington for a job he's taken in Seattle.  They leave basically everything and everyone behind as they travel across the country to go and room with Denny's bestfriend, Kellan.

After Denny, the Australian natives, internship puts him on an out of state assignment (shortly after they've settled into Seattle!), Denny has to rush to Arizona. Kiera is left behind.  Alone.  With Kellan.

Kiera and Denny's separation was grueling. She is so lost without him.  She's left everything and everyone she's ever know behind, and Denny...well he makes every effort to call every night.
In the beginning.
Then those every night calls turn into every other night calls, to every 3 nights, and so on.

All the while, Kiera and Kellan start to grow closer.

Kellan is hanging around the house more (remember they're roomies).
They're having more social time (one on one and in group settings) together.

Basically - He looks after her, during the time her and her boyfriend have been separated.
During those 2 months though, the chemistry between Kiera and Kellan is undeniable.

Kellan makes the effort to get Kiera out of the house to cheer her up and at one point even takes her to an outdoor concert. That's when things really start to heat up.

So the question is...Do you enjoy a love triangle story?
I love to indulge in these if they're well written, and Thoughtless definitely is!

Yes; morally the premise is wrong, but I loved it all!
Especially one of the beginning scenes, when you can feel that initial spark.
Then there was another time, (you'll so know what I'm talking about when you read it) I found myself looking away from the pages and looking around as if *I* was the one who was going to get caught!

Aaagghh...who am I kidding...I had at least 3 of these moments, and that's just in Book 1!

In fact, re-thinking the scenes that I love most, are just making me want to re-read this series again, because there are so many, and I really loved this series that much!

100%, without a doubt, 5 Stars!

I won't be forgetting any of these books anytime soon.  Now that's a promise!

Coffee anyone? Tee-he

5 stars.  Thoughtless will have you on the edge of your seat!
The whole book is like this, up until the very end.
I felt happy, sad, conflicted, excited.
Immediately flew into the pages of Effortless.
5 stars.  Effortless has several eye opening surprises in store for us!
You'll be thinking "What the...." one minute and when the BIG surprises pop up, your mouth may literally fall open and it could potentially even put you in a panicky state.  You just don't know what is going to happen!

5 stars.  Reckless had several twists and turns I wasn't expecting, and I laughed.  A lot.
Remember me saying I grew to love some characters I wasn't sure I could?
This books gives that to us!
You suddenly have a nice warm comfy spot for him in your heart.
Throughout the rest of the book, you'll find yourself having that "O" moment - grinning ear to ear and then next thing you know, you're trying not to gush like a baby.
I just did not want this story to end.

Where's my e-reader? 
I have some books to re-read!

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