Monday, August 26, 2013

Locked, LockOut, Unlocked, "The Alpha Series", by Maya Cross

This is a newer Alpha male trilogy release, known as the "The Alpha Series".
I can live with a name like that!

The reading order is as follows:
Locked (The Alpha Group Trilogy #1)
LockOut (The Alpha Group Trilogy #2)
Unlocked (The Alpha Group Trilogy #3)

This was a fun read.
It didn't start out anything like what I was expecting it to and that was a nice surprise!
I was literally hooked by page one.  Which rarely happens (if ever) for me.

I smiled during the people watching scenes between Sophia and her friends.
In a slight way, they seemed like a group of my friends, so it was an easy for me to relate to.

The story started off a bit of a mystery...well... maybe not so much of a "mystery" per-say, but just the certain unknowns, of a certain somewhere, a certain someone, was not supposed to go.

It reeled me in and you better believe I took the bait!

I don't want to reveal too much, but I liked the slight twists and turns we got moving book to book.
I felt like between each book, I was knowing each of the characters more, which was great since all the books were available, but if I would of had to have waited in between each one, I would have gone either gone crazy or lost interest.  I'm not sure which, but there was just too much left out in the open!

So what's it about?

Overworked attorney, Sophia, is out for a girls night, celebrating one of her best friends engagements. They're having a blast participating in a pub crawl, where they eventually end up at a this shanty hole in the wall bar.

From the outside, Sophia is very aware that this is a place that she would have never gone on her own, but it's her best friends night, so they go in and get settled at a table.

Before long, the girls notice that the people who keep coming in clearly don't belong in the bar either.
They're bewildered, because not only are the civilians mostly men, but the people who arrive are all dressed in their finest tuxes and cocktail dress attire.  *Think Titanic!*

Even more, they travel straight through the bar, over to a wall where a security guard is standing. That's when they realize that this is not just any wall, but a secret door, and only those "on the list" can get it.

Sophia's curiosity gets the best of her, so she puts on a scene to ask the guard what it's all about.

He plays it off and she's ultimately told it's just some company convention, but she's not buying that!

After some smooth trickery on her part, she ends up making it past the door on a dare from her friends and is shocked with what she comes to find!

That's when she meets Sebastian.

It all starts off with a drink and plenty of playful flirting, but the tyrannous Sebastian, starts to grow suspicious as to who she's there with, as none of the women who entered in before her came without a male companion.

That's when she knows she needs to make a beeline for the door!

She is in fact not "on the list", but she really isn't quite ready to leave yet either, so she takes a detour to the restroom. Eek!
Somehow on the way there, she ends up getting turned around and is trying to make her way back out, but on the way she suddenly STOPS.
She hears voices and knows her time has ran out!

She freaks and starts glancing all around her surroundings to figure out where she's going to go, and quietly bolts behind the 1st door she comes to.

Of course, of all places she runs, it's Sebastian's office!
She ends up hiding just in the knick-of-time and we soon find out that our enchantingly, handsome, Sebastian, has a pretty big secret of his own...


I'll tell you one thing...this book played in so many directions. It was nice to be kept on my toes!

Another need ALL 3 books!
Locked and LockOut BOTH have cliffhangers.
LockOut is definitely the worst one...

My only question - How could you leave us hangin' like that?!? Oh... the misery and horror of it all.

I'm so glad Unlocked was available by the time I finished!
Like I always say...cliffhangers will one day be the death of me.

Oh...and here's some super good news for us book junkies...
Locked (Book 1), is now available for $.99!
I'll cheers to that!

4 Stars - I was excited about this book.  I was hooked by page 1.

4 Stars - I felt on edge and sometimes a little fluffy during this book.

3.5 stars  - after my review, you're wondering why the 3.5 stars?
I felt like the 1st 2 books flew by for me, but by the 3rd, it kind of seemed to drag in places.
I felt like all the information I was DYING to know in the 1st two books was sudden spewed all over the place in book 3, which I loved, but at the same time, I was missing that special connection.

Don't get me wrong, it had my heart fluttering in places and the ending is something to behold, but I don't see this being a re-read for me.


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  2. Book (series) Review:
    I have read more books than I can even begin to try and remember. That being said, this series is one that I completed in a weekend. It was enjoyable but not the greatest. The characters are great, not to mention Sebastian's background and roll in this book. (Did not see that one coming!) The story line is great but the book lacks detail and follow-thru. I felt like I was jumping all over in these books. To me, it left to many wholes. That being said, I enjoyed the series well enough as a fast read. But it was no "50 shades" or even "Bared to Me". At least those series had add depth.