Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fallen Too Far, Never Too Far, Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines

Ooooh....Another goody!  I have been on a roll these last few months.  Every single book I've read has captivated my attention in one way or another and this one was no different.

I hate to start off every review with "I love this book", but I totally do.

Now, I don't know about you, but have you heard all the gush about everyone having a "Rush Crush"?!?

Quiet honestly in the beginning of this book I was like "What's all the fuss about?!"...This guy is rude, crude, and seems to be down right spoiled.  Especially in that moment when we're all "Is he really going to make her do that under the stairs" Believe me...It's not what you think!

Of course, the irritating persona that's Rush in the beginning, is not how the whole book plays out, and I can totally get the "Rush Crush" now.  I might even be crushin' on Rush.  He just grows on you! *Wink*

I felt a real connection with all the characters in this book, and I experienced at least 2 BIG eye popping moments. I soooo love when a book gives me that!

Another thing I totally loved?  Every single book was a full size novel.  Every.single.one.  All 3 books ended up totaling about 1440 pages!

If you haven't noticed yet, this is so up my alley.  I grow every found of characters. If I like them, I become attached...so the more pages I get with them, the better!!

So what's Fallen Too Far about?

Blaire travels hundreds of miles to meet her estranged father after her mother's passing.

Instead of being greeted by her father upon her arrival, she ultimately runs into the delectable Rush at a wild house party instead.

You see...
Rush owns the house her father lives in.
He is her father's step-son.
He is gorgeous, tattooed, a womanizer and rude as hell.

Her father is no where to be found.
So where is he?
He's in Paris.

Blaire, is crushed.  Not only did her father disappear during her childhood, she finally reaches out to him because he's the only family she has left after her mothers passing, and he disappears. AGAIN.

Blaire is left to battle with those inner emotions, all the while she's being forced to meet part of a family she never knew her father had.

When she meets Rush, she's guarded.
He reciprocates with a less than lucrative attitude towards her and by the end of their conversation he kinda sorta asks her to leave.  The feeling is mutual though.

Blaire wants outta there. Rush makes her uncomfortable, but she has no where to go.

Now she has to figure out what the heck she's going to do.
Where the heck she's going to go.

She has $20 to her name and being 8hrs away from a non-existent home, it's starting to look more and more like "home" is going to end up being the cab of her truck for the night, and who knows how long after.

As soon as she's collected herself to her truck.
She sits and thinks through all the scenarios that can be played out because she truly has no idea where to go and what to do.
Then it happens...
She looks in the rear view mirror to see a set of eyes.
Slight panic starts to settle in.
It's Rush.
She freaks out and tries to start the truck to leave, but it won't start.
She's out of gas.
He basically laughs at her, in that coy bastard, makes you wanna slap him way...but then he starts to fish for information.  He wants to know why she's really there, what she needs from him and what it is that she really wants.

You see - Rush is well off and is used to people using him for his money, so he wonders if Blaire is any different.  She is her father's daughter after all.

Blaire is stuck.  She has no idea what to say to him and in some ways she doesn't want to be anywhere near Rush, but Rush gives her...well, a rush. *smirk*

As she exits the truck, to figure out her next plan of action, Rush begins to pry for information about her father, and there's a common ground.
Mutual disgust.
This catches his attention, and in the short amount of time they've spent together, he can see she is nothing like her father, so grants her 1 month to stay in his house to find a job and get back on her feet.

The stipulation?
Well...Now...I can't really tell you that without giving too much away, but lets just say she has to be kept out of sight and far away from him.

We may have a "Rush Crush", but Rush has a crush of his own.

Such a good book! 5 stars!

But hey...once you start you can't stop here.
Once you've read Fallen Too Far, you MUST read Never Too Far , and Forever Too Far.

(FYI - There's also a sequel with Woods and Della, called Twisted Perfection: A Novel that is available now! *Squee*)


5 stars for all 3...I did not want it to end! *Sniff*

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  1. These are a MUST read!!! You get so wrapped up in the characters that you can't possibly put the books down! I'm so grateful for your reviews, because I wouldn't have known about these books. A+++