Saturday, February 1, 2014

Torn From You by Nashoda Rose


Were you up all night?
We were in this together, right??

Last night I told you guys that #TearAsunder was happening and guess what?
It did.
I went under.
Big time!

I loved it.
A lot…
Emotional Rollercoaster - Say no more.
I’m all over it! {Heart}

Let me start by saying that I’m seriously afraid to divulge too much of what’s going on throughout the story. It’s too hard to tell you really anything without giving everything away, BUT I will say –
If you enjoy the control aspect (oh yes – the control!), dark scenes, lots of steam with several unexpected twists, this is definitely the book for you!!

Down to the good stuff…

Did I mention Sculpt? *shrugs*
He’s only a rogue, tattooed, Illegal fighter, turned rock star, bad ace – SWOON!
But there’s more…
We know nothing about him!
So, we love him already, because he’s all secrets!

Well...she finds herself in a less than desirable circumstance to say the least, and she thinks (we think!) that the one person she can trust (Sculpt) is actually the one behind EVERYTHING that is currently being throw down, and we’re all No Bueno, Si Bueno.
No Bueno!
No. Bueno.

Oh yea... it's that good...
So kick up those heels and get comfortable.
I don’t foresee you moving for a while.


Torn from You, is a standalone, but I recommend reading it with WithYou, which is the prequel.

Loved the Tear Asunder Series!

5 stars for me!

Another thought worth mentioning –

Some of the secondary characters are getting their own books!
Pretty stoked about this since I grew to love them all!

Even Mr. Hot, Protective, Grumpy Pants!

I can’t wait to follow their journey’s moving forward.
I can't wait.

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