Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ruin Series by Rachel Van Dyken - Reading Order

I love, love, loooooved Ruin!

*Shakes head*
BAWLED my way through the entire book, and I absolutely loved and craved more of that sad, heart wrenching feeling.

Do you guys know that feeling I'm talking about?
The kind that hurts so good...

Well... if you've read Ruin, you're in for it!
Gabe's story is next!

I'm uber excited!!
Not only are we getting to re-connect with some of our favorite characters, but Rachel is putting BOTH Toxic AND Fearless out for $.99!

I know!

What can I say...
That girl goes big or goes home!

Here is the Reading Order:

Ruin, (The Ruin Series, Book 1) <---My Review

Toxic (The Ruin Series, Book 2) Gabe's Story! Releases March 4, 2014! <---Cover Coming Soon! <--Pre-Order link

Fearless (The Ruin Series, Novella, 2.5) Releases March 9, 2014!

Shameless, (The Ruin Series, Book 3) Releases June 2014! Cover Coming Soon! <--That's right - There's a new guy in town, and his name is Tristan Blake!!


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