Monday, February 10, 2014

Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins

This is THAT series that I have been talking about for the last month or so.

Who even knows why I kept putting this off, but I did, and now I feel like kicking and slapping myself as I type!
How could I have deprived myself from this fantastic find for so long?  Really!

I can’t even describe my feelings right now...
I am a mess over this book.
Not a crying mess, but a built up anxious, twisted, stressed out, “what the freak is going to happen next” mess.

I read it in a day.

I found myself staying up until 2 in the morning just to finish it, and throughout the day…Well, let’s just say Dad had to play Mom for a day.  I!

The build up to the story is wonderful and I can see this happening to someone in real life.
Lots of normal everyday stuff going on, but you can feel the lust, shame, guilt, and anxiety of the “What if’s”, “Why not’s”, and “How Come's” that happen throughout the story!!!

I am dying already to dive into Book 2, Come Alive, but I had to share my feelings on this one with y’all 1st before I get tangled in the next web. Eep!  Can't hardly wait!!

Pick this one up you guys.

It does not disappoint! {Heart}

For my rating...I think you can all tell where I'm at on this - 5 Stars, baby!  5 Stars.

Here's the Reading Order.  I think you're going to need it *Wink*

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