Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cookie Monster Camera Bling

Good Morning sweet blog'lies...

Today I have a special treat that is sure to get your kiddo's smiling!  
Cookie Monster Camera Bling!! *Nom, Nom, Nom*
I haven't ever met a child that doesn't love Sesame Street, and I know mine is slightly obsessed.  

Like all kids, she has her favorite characters, but I absolutely adore how she says Cookie Monster. It's an extremely loud "COOKIE!" and then she'll whisper "mons-ter"

Ah...I swear that girl makes my heart grow bigger each day!

So this one's for you buttercup...

When Mommy says "Smile" you can flash those pearly whites not only at me, but at COOKIE! monster too :)

To make your own, its really quite simple...

One blue scrunchie (didn't think I'd ever repeat that word, once we left the 90's) and 2 XL googly eyes.  Hot glue the eyes into place, having one slightly overlap the other, and let it dry.

Once it's dry, attach around the lens of your camera, and get started with your very own photoshoot.

Click, Click - Horray!


  1. That's cool and seems like a great idea. Thanks! :)

    1. Thank you! My daughter loves Cookie Monster, so it's a lot easier to get smiles towards the camera these days :)