Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Polished Bun Hawk

Yesterday, I stumbled upon one of the most amazing hair blogs I have ever seen. *Squeals!*

All of the hair styles she models are absolutely stunning, but the "Polished Bun Hawk" really caught my attention.  It's funky, it's fresh, it's total retro, and I found myself in love!

If you'd like to try this style out yourself, check out her page.  She has a fabulous tutorial, and this style is ridiculously simple.  Mine is not nearly as polished as hers, but I was able to whip it up in less than 5 min's.  That's A'okay in my book!  Did I mention I'm in love?! :)


  1. O-MY! AMAZING! Will you do my hair? PLEASE?

  2. looks so great Melissa!! Thanks for trying it out and posting! i'll post a link to this on my bun hawk post!